During online game Lego City you can build anything. Very fun to play, erecting high-rise buildings or building small country houses.

Games Lego City, is a kind of construction site, where everyone becomes the architect of its own little world. Of small colored blocks can build a real metropolis, where car traffic is debugged, operate the airport, railway, maritime industry, working the ambulance service, fire department, police said. There is a stop for public transport, installed bridges, garages and parking lots, work shops and people are rushing to work or recreation park. Everyone also assembled from Lego and therefore fits into the overall harmony of space, without breaking its clear lines. You will not just play Lego City and created life where there was none and every builder makes it quite unique. Adding bricks to build the walls of houses and other details will serve as material for landscaping, engineering and lively animals and humans. Legoland is so diverse that allows to dream and experiment endlessly. Once you do, it is already impossible to leave the occupation, while all around will not be perfect, complete. You can concentrate on laying roads, which also has a lot of important details: intersections, traffic lights, pedestrian and road bridges, parking lots, road markings and signs. Or give preference to the construction of the airfield, terminal and other forms of mass communication, through which people travel, travel on business or returning home. Sometimes Game Lego City opens up a whole race situation everyday police when you have to chase criminals in the streets of the city. But it may be that competition arranged to be quite formal and racing race with obstacles. Your imagination is boundless, and therefore it will be interesting to look futuristic city born thanks to your efforts. Imagine what that is brought before us town a hundred years, and the game Lego city rouse him now. On your construction site will cranes and other equipment with which you gather together the building blocks that will provide fun and realism. This is somewhat reminiscent of Tetris, where each shaped block should lie in its place. But there will be those versions when you just drag the mouse computer parts, putting them in the planned cell. Creating a full life in your town, you should take into account all the nuances that residents feel comfortable in your environment invented. Do not forget to build a school, hospital and other social services. Even the development of minerals and important, going to the mine, you take part in coal mining. It will be new to you, an unusual experience for the development of such a complex profession. Also play Lego city can, folding them into puzzles. Do not be surprised, because it is also the construction and every detail must find its correct position, so that the image is fully opened. Only when all the elements are assembled, appears before the eyes of a great spectacle. When the first phase will take place, be prepared to accept the challenge of the next. As you can see, Legoland prepared for its true fans a lot of surprises and each competes with the other, wanting to entertain players in a special way. Here you do not just exist in some fictional world for you, and themselves become its creator, bringing every detail of his own idea, filling the space designed and smoothly functioning things. Every detail has a special plan of the author, his caprice, whim, whim.