Online racing game jeep

In a race like to play all generations. Jeep racing game where the competition takes place on the speed and endurance, like mandatory.

Today we are accustomed to seeing on the roads wide range of vehicles and Jeeps are especially popular. They were first designed in 1940 by Charles Probstonom engineer for the U.S. Army and different from other art high cross the blurred road, hills and other difficult parts. Today, this brand is manufactured by Chrysler, which categorically refers to when each SUV called the jeep. We can see all sorts of variations of the performance of these machines, which was chosen by urban residents, hunters and fishermen, and residents of villages where the trouble of bad roads still not solved. In addition, SUVs are often involved in racing competitions with natural obstacles, are held in several stages and using navigation systems. Jeeps are not afraid to temperature extremes, rain washed out the road, their icing, sand deserts. Powerful engines and wheels bite into any soil and allow the machine to move forward. The part may even seem that simply manage it, but we must be present assom to cope with the management, at any time when the vehicle threatens to roll over on a hilly road, moving at great speed. Some idea of ​​this game race to give Jeeps, but only you can feel the realistic versions of the complexity of all the manipulations. You have to go the way of the rider, following all the rules enforced by closely monitoring impartial judge. Weather conditions also provides a variety and if not afraid of difficulties, test yourself in conditions of snow, rain or night races. Car can bring on the turn, if time did not notice in the dark, especially if the road is covered with a thin crust of ice, similar to normal moisture. This is the most dangerous moments that await the drivers during the race. Jeeps are designed so firmly that they are generally very difficult to shatter even in a frontal collision. Despite the fact that they are quite heavy, with correct handling of these machines can be dispersed and fly long distances through the air, and during landing remain intact. As additional jobs in racing jeeps often have to do tricks when they call in at high speed on the trampoline, and then fly through a series of cars lined up side by side. It is important not to touch the barrier and landing gear, stay on track and continue the race. In virtual racing game competitions jeep also offer similar action that players were able to assess the degree of complexity of these tricks. But basically you still have to develop speed and overtake rivals. At the mini map you can see the path that has already been overcome and one that will only. Thus, you get an idea about all the zigzags in front turns in a certain direction, the hills and pits in time to concentrate and go with the most positive result. Sometimes the gameplay make additional assignments to collect items that increase the bill and bring other benefits. For example, small children, driving a nice jeep during races and collecting parts, auto repair car without having to stop. Each item is for increasing the speed, power, endurance of the vehicle, and gas canisters - refueling tank is at full speed. What the boy did not want to manage such a large, beautiful and fast car?