Online games Jake Long free offer to join the American teenager, who can transform into a dragon, and take with him many missions.

Ancient legends tell horror stories about dragons that flew on the settlement, burned her hot fiery breath crops, killed people, carried away in his dark castle girls. They fought brave knights, and brought the severed head of a monster king, were rewarded with untold riches and could not even qualify for the hand and heart of a princess. But different peoples observed different perspective on dragons. For example, in China, it is now considered a symbol of wealth, power, fertility. In honor of the festivities with dragon suit folk festivals, and its image is used to create anime and manga. Literature and cinema decided to take a fresh look at the dragons and more frequently portrayed him as a wise, courageous and kind animal, which helps people in the fight with the enemy. They enter into the fray themselves and willingly serve flying transport - air horses, if you want. We cease to be afraid of them, learn to make friends with them and even imbued with the wisdom which the authors of these stories endow creatures. In addition, sometimes the dragon becomes a bit of a magical gift, talk about what the American Dragon Jake Long games. We look at a teenager who suddenly acquired the magical ability of his own volition to turn into a formidable dragon to wage an uncompromising struggle against manifestations of evil, to protect his friends and just good people. American Dragon Jake Long Game mesmerizing opportunity to transform into a new body pressing "space." When the trio of gargoyles dragged into the high fortress of his kingdom friends Jack, without hesitation, he rushed to the rescue. It is equally bravely fights with monsters in human form and using deadly karate techniques, and in the face of a dragon floating heavy blows tail. Images need to change quickly, in time to regroup and apply the correct move. Despite their seeming invulnerability, it is important to act smartly to identify situations lightning response to her shift. Reflected in his favorite toy and Chinese Mahjong fun, which is very similar to the familiar us card solitaire games. Here you have to verify exposure and a keen eye, not to miss the right move open chips. The essence of the game is that you have to gather pairs of pictures, but as may be available to remove several, select the right course to continue to be able to develop the passage. Removed only those figures that are not covered closest, but to they are more visible, they emit light. Images are particularly valuable to pass, as it bonuses to help you get out of a difficult situation. They can be traced back to the next available course and even mix in a more convenient layout. The game is designed for a certain time, and you have to hurry to finish it until you came to this allotted minutes. Boys like to play American Dragon Jake Long, painting it black and white images. Gradually returning brightness image, make sure it is alive, it becomes bulky and alive. A little more, and the hero comes to life, to suddenly frozen dynamics continued in the next move. All Dragon Jake Long created for fans of martial arts, science fiction stories and all unusual. On the example of Jake you make sure that even in the impenetrable skin monster, you can save a good, sympathetic heart, ready to respond to a call for help. Such people are always a lot of friends, and it is the biggest wealth that should be valued.