Games Jackie Chan the famous martial arts master will not go unnoticed by his admirers. Now virtual expanses he invites to play with him online.

One of the most famous and talented actors of world cinema, of course, is famous stuntman Jackie Chan. He deservedly earned his fame and glory because, besides the fact that he fights with his enemies in dozens of films with his participation, it makes it incredibly funny and at the Battle uses absolutely everything that comes to him under the arms. For over 30 years he pleases us with major roles in the films, which will undoubtedly become bestsellers the world film industry. Most fun lately event in the development popularity of Jackie Chan became animated series in which Jackie Chan is the main character. Animated series called: Jackie Chan Adventures. To date, 95 published series, which are distributed on 5 seasons. Each episode of the animated series is interconnected and Jackie Chan now confronts a gang of friends and villains in each series of fights with some monsters. Each of the characters can be called a favorite and has his charisma, sense of humor and is endowed with special abilities. Jackie Chan - the protagonist of the animated series. Painted copy of a famous actor. Jackie arrived in San Francisco to his uncle, that he taught him martial arts. When Jackie grew up in the antiques shop, owned by his uncle who, stopped by several people. They were interested in a shield rune. As it turned out later, the value had only a rune on it. Later, Jackie Chan and his friends will try to defend all 12 runes he gang of villains called the Hand of Darkness. Jade Chan - a charming little niece Jackie. It also was sent to San Francisco to the uncle to the one he learned good manners. However, here she gets together with Jackie Chan protector seals and one of the main heroes of "Squad Chan." Jade is very agile, nimble and great know how to fight. Uncle Chang - is the one who came to Jackie and Jade. My uncle owns an antique store. In each series uncle helping his nephew and his comrades to fight evil spirits using ancient spells. Torah - first this thug-sumo was one of the team members hands of darkness. However, then over to the side of Jackie Chan and his friends. Uncle Torah chooses to teach him the basics of magical science. Augustus Black - the best friend of Jackie Chan and director of "Sector 13" - this organization told Jackie Chan about 12 runes and various assisted Jackie Chan and the company. El Toro Fuerte - another member of the organization "Sector 13". Wrestler from Mexico. A distinctive feature of the Fuerte is that he never takes off his mask. Viper - in the past was the plunderer. At present she works in the security service. She loves Jackie Chan, and, oddly similar to cartoons, it's mutual. Valmont - ringleader of the gang Hand of Darkness. The main enemy of Jackie Chan. Together with his team Valmont looking print and in each series confronts Jackie Chan and his friends. Many game developers are not left unattended and this animated series created with their protagonists a lot of mini-games. On our site you will find plenty of arcade games with these fun characters. In Jackie Chan games you can play for free, no downloading and installing - games available on online. All who are acting like Jackie Chan, who want to relax after a hard working for, or may be, who wants to inspire long your favorite child - welcome! Jackie Chan games free easily cope with this task and leave only the most pleasant and memorable experience!