During online game Indiana Jones you will feel the true spirit of adventure, go search for treasures and play exploring unfamiliar territory.

Certainly difficult to find someone who would not be familiar with the name of Indiana Jones. Hero, eager for adventure, created by none other than Steven Spielberg film genius for decades pleases fans of quality cinema. Currently there are only 4 film about the adventures of Henry Walton Jones Jr.: • «Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark" -1981 year. The first movie, which immediately captured the hearts of audiences. • «Indiana Jones and the fate of the sanctuary" - was released three years later. Describes the collision of the protagonist with the fans of the cult of Kali, the goddess of death. • «Indiana Jones and the final crusade" -1989 year. The plot tells of the Nazi attempt to find the Holy Grail. • «Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" - came out almost 20 years later. In this part of Indiana's rivals are Soviet agents. Planned appearance on the screens of the fifth, the last film about the adventures of the famous archaeologist. When you see the long-awaited premiere - is not yet known. In addition there are plenty of movies and comic books devoted to the cult movie hero. List of characters: Henry Jones, Sr. - father of the protagonist. The first mention - "Indiana Jones and the final crusade." Henry Jones III-the main protagonist of the saga. Ingenious, daring archaeologist who constantly gets into a life-threatening situation. Marian Reyvenvud - young love "Indiana" Jones. Teacher is the daughter of the protagonist. Elsa Schneider - art scholar working in Berlin and which had a collaboration with the Nazis. Has long been the assistant Jones Sr., but betrayed him, while searching for the Holy Grail. Sallah - kind, loyal friend Jones Jr., who has repeatedly saved the last of the various scrapes. Rene Bellok - French archaeologist enemy Jones Jr.. Lao Che - deranged, mentally unbalanced enemy Jones. Todd Ernst Arnold - Gestapo agent, one of the enemies of Indiana. Games with Indiana Jones Impossible to imagine that with such a bright character like Indiana Jones, was not created by computer games. The first game based on the adventures archaeologist appeared in 1982, immediately after the film. Then, the game started to appear, which already had its own, unpredictable storyline. These games are: • «Indiana Jones and the Lost Kingdom"; • «Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis"; • «Indiana Jones and the ominous machine"; • «Indiana Jones and the Emperor's grave"; • «Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings" By the way, a reference to the famous movie exist in the cult MMORPG World of Warcraft, where there is a character named Harrison Jones. Prototypes for this character served as Harrison Ford and, actually, Indiana Jones. Despite the fact that the game had a lot of popularity among fans of Mr. Jones adventure important place among the games on this topic occupy exactly flash games. Indiana Jones game is always interesting for their storylines, abrupt change of events and just great gameplay. Speaking of flash games, the best games on the development of logic, except for Indiana Jones games - hard to find. Adventures interspersed with difficult mental tasks - exactly what will be interesting at any age. You want to look for hidden treasures in the tombs, with the armies of enemies to fight and explore vintage card - then the game Indiana Jones - specially for you. Immerse yourself in the world of history, mystery and incredibly exciting adventures along with your favorite character.