Game hunting and fishing. Play online

We offer you a free game online hunting and fishing, where you have the opportunity to hunt or catch a fish without causing harm to animals.

Modern man lives in isolation from nature. And against this there is a worldview that known designer and top-end Russian blogger aptly called urban heresy. Yes, we are talking about vegetarianism, protests against fur clothing and leather shoes and other appeals, there is only one pot, do not touch it and gnats and flies to be friends. Thin psyche of ideological adherents of the movement itself is repugnant to the idea that, to live, one must die. Someone who is not endowed with high intelligence and self-aware, that when they met face to face in the wild they would have gladly eaten or gored. Kindness and compassion, of course, things are good. But as a rule, people are easier to sympathize and nyashnye fluffy animals than their brethren. A person can not fundamentally eat meat because cows and pigs, sorry, and are rude to behave in public transport, substitute colleagues at work and change my husband or wife. That does not prevent him to feel humane, enlightened and highly moral and try to instruct others on this path. Sometimes, in an aggressive way, condemning and cursing do not agree with his point of view. And not only those who wear natural fur and eats veal chop for breakfast. But even those who play the innocent game dedicated to hunting and fishing. Because, from the point of view of radical vegans, sin killing animals and fish can not even be in the virtual. But these cries do not prevent many people devote an hour or two similar computer entertainment. After all, online games, hunting and fishing are doing quite attractive for those who love or variations on the theme of shooters, or meditative kliking on speed. And by the way, do not necessarily like to walk with a gun on a boar or sit with a fishing rod on the river bank in the real world. After all, most of these games, except for complex simulations, where the rate is just made ​​to be realistic, do not aim to immerse the player into the atmosphere of hunting or fishing. They only help to relieve the brain in the light and not tense game custom entourage. It is doubtful whether those who spend time playing these flash, think about the ideological component, which is seen fanatical defenders of wildlife. We offer to play funny games about hunting and fishing, so put the fun exciting game hunting and fishing subjects under a separate tag on our site. And offer to everyone in their beliefs observes a middle ground, free to play any of them.