Offer to play the game Fullmetal Alchemist, which are based on Japanese comics - manga, and where you will learn how to convert objects to combine chemicals to produce new ones.

Postmodernism - a culture of repetition. In the world literature there is indeed a very limited number of subjects. Therefore, filmmakers, films, cartoons and games are constantly in search of - in the surroundings of the historical era which put the action which events, archetypes, and philosophical currents of the past resurrected. The main difference between our eastern and creators - for example, the authors of Japanese anime and their primary sources - manga - that last feel much freer and more relaxed in the issue of interpretation. And our entertainment prefer to sacrifice for the sake of historical accuracy and truth of the world, thinking that the reality of weapons, costumes and religious beliefs make it more atmospheric. The Japanese, in that sense, much unfettered, so create a more exciting and unique worlds. For example not far to seek - a popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist authorship Seiji Mizushima based on the manga by Hiromu Arakawa. The authors recalled the medieval alchemists, who in search of the Philosopher's Stone spent a lot of experiments and were persecuted church and state. This was the impetus for the creation of a bizarre fantasy world where alchemy is unpredictable combined not only with a high level of technological progress, but also with magic and mysticism. In this scenery and fascinating story unfolds senen - a dynamic adventure anime for teenagers from 14 to 18 years. In this context, the new paints and plays the idea of ​​searching the philosopher's stone - the alchemists Edward and Alphonse search for the Philosopher's Stone is not to get rich, but in order to regain their own bodies, which were lost in the course of dangerous alchemical experiments. The authors have created a series of alchemy own theory - based on medieval terminology, but using it on your own. And they can not blame the historical inaccuracies - it's not perepevka historical events, and the creation of an original world in which the viewer is interesting to get used to, imbued with sympathy for the heroes and their belief in the existence of some kind of alternate reality. This trick authors is quite a success - and anime, and games Fullmetal Alchemist makes very popular among the general public. Knowing that the post-Soviet space is also quite adventurous fans Elric brothers, we were taken to a separate section of our website for free online games based on this anime. For them it is possible to spend time, even if you have not seen a single series of Japanese cartoon.