Free Game Flappy Bird

Playing free online games Flappy Bird, give a tiny bird to overcome obstacles and fly through the endless rows of pipes, colliding with them.

The simplest things can sometimes be difficult in practice to perform. A striking example is the plot of the game Flappy Bird, which flashed in the sky of the virtual space at the beginning of 2013, in 2014 to be withdrawn from access by the same author from the App Store and Google Play. Why he did it, for what purpose, for what reasons unknown to us - is unknown. Dong Nguyen toy invented by designing it for iOS and Android. And in such a short time its presence in the air, it has attracted so many players that the author managed to put together a considerable fortune. Although not all spoke well of her, and even called it the worst toy of all time. But a bad reputation also bearing fruit, and the product managed to acquire gaming clones clips and songs, logos on clothing. As for the plot, it is primitive to ugliness. It all boils down to the retention chick in flight that sneaks through the woods tubes. That it did not fall, for it is necessary to constantly clicking the mouse, and is on the second weaken management or stumble on the edge of the pipe, as he falls, and all the scores are burned. Second and third attempt is not provided, and just fun because so complicated. Dial cherished Points also problematic - they grow very slowly, and for an hour you will not move on a couple of points accidents. Speaking of clones, then there is something to marvel at. More than 800 versions presented by other authors on Competition Award. Among them there are also domestic developers and became the most famous copy version of Winnie the Pooh. India's Hero group 7bіt proposed interactive video Flappy Bird Lament, making fun website, Dong Nguyen, the main character. Is charged with the difficult task to overcome the way from release Flappy Bird to the episode with the removal of toys. He moves through the corridors and numerous rooms, overcoming innumerable doorways and rooms, paving the way for it to computers, then to their beds. Everything happens to the music, but it will stop if it touches the edge of the door or wall. Was presented even quite tangible version of the game Flappy Bird, made of cardboard boxes, which are mounted magnets, electric motor, and a couple of toggle switch wires. Controlling the bird between the pipeline can not continue to hurt the edge barriers. Few lasted more than a minute, and while losing the lid of the box is slowly closing, reporting termination. More colorful looks Flappu Vird GTA 4 for PC. The man with the head of a bird hovering over the city, and under it swim parks, houses, sidewalks, pedestrians hurry for. In order not to fall, people constantly waving his arms, and landing on the ground is not called soft landing. He promptly falls for some time, sprawling, lying motionless, but then rises up. But you can land on people - it rebounds from them and gets the start for the new flight. Goals in the game no no, most importantly - survive longer in the guy that you can play forever. China has come up with a robot that was supposed to send the unmistakable nestling between the barriers. But he was not able to withstand prolonged concentration, from time to time losing. Creative looks plot with Chuck Norris. When feathered creation loses karate compresses it in iron grip and throws with a flourish on the pipe. Live at the speed of the projectile knocks design, free passage and bringing to account of game points, which puts Chuck's leaders. Yet you meet Mr. Bean, small unicorns, Mario and others.