Online Games Fire

Topics of the online game unfold fire on city streets, on the important sites in the forest, urging players to play as a brave firefighter, helicopter pilot or aircraft.

Many of you as a child wanted to be an astronaut to fly into space and look at the other planets and stars. Someone wanted to become a police officer to search the villains and save people from various troubles. Someone wanted to become a doctor to help people, to cure various diseases and help prevent them. Some of you after watching cartoons and science fiction movie about superheroes would like them to be able to fly, shoot lasers and lift incredible weights. And someone wanted to become a firefighter - a superhero that pulls people out of the fire and extinguishes fires. Section games fire - range of exciting mini-games created specifically for those who would like once in my life to try himself as a fireman. If so, you've got the address. On our site contains a fairly wide range of games on this topic: • Fire - a game in which you have to try to lay a fire hose from the hydrant to the burning house until it burned to the ground. • Fire truck - in this game you will need to place in the correct order for the fire trucks that they purposefully left for those hot spots in which they were sent to managers. • Fire - a toy, where your task is to put out a fire in a burning house. But for this you have to catch to get to until the house burned down, and then, using the mouse to try to leave to catch at least part of the house survived. At the end of each sublevel games to extinguish fires have very briskly to catch in the allotted time. • Cargo fire truck - here you have to deliver the equipment to extinguish a fire on a large cargo fire truck. Since during a game machine fire extinguish itself can not, you need to be extremely careful to load drove safely. • Firefighter - collect coins in the form of a funny-man firefighter. Task is to collect three coins in each level and do not give a firefighter to get into various traps. • Forest fire brigade Lego - games to extinguish the fire are the most fun out of this category. Especially when firefighters act as firefighters cars and firefighters gathered from the world famous Lego. • Severe fire - Your task in this game is to park the fire truck in the marked place. The problem is that you have a limited supply of gasoline. Game fire truck extinguishes the fire will be interesting to anyone who ever drove a car with a trailer, since the main problem is that this machine has a body and trailer, which are all fire accessories. • American fire - if you liking the previous version of the game, this also will be interesting. Unlike her from playing strong fire that here you have a trailer, but everything is complicated by the fact that the streets of the city you will not interfere with other machines. So, instead of a stock of fuel you have time to spare, for which you need to have time to arrive at your destination. What if the house is on fire? This is not the whole list of fire toys that you can find on our site. Each of you who at least once in your life interested in how the fire fighting, and those involved in it, is sure to find something for yourself juicy and interesting in our free games of the fires. Game is designed for all ages and any gender. You can participate in extinguishing fires, regardless of how much you have free time. Gather patience and forth to help the firefighters, because if you think that firefighting is a simple matter, and it does not deserve your attention - then you are sadly mistaken!