Free online games Fermerama

Fermerama games online - this is a computer simulation of the farm. Grow crops, breed poultry and other animals.

It is no secret that in recent years more and more people are addicted to communication through the virtual space. Acquaintances, friends, work colleagues - all interact in absentia. In addition, the recently begun to appear unpretentious variety of online games, where you can chat, make friends and fun to spend time. All that you will get if you decide to play online fermerama. Fermerama, as you might guess from the name, this game is dedicated to farm management. If you want to see the fruits of their labor, to grow beautiful plants, but you have neither the time nor the desire to be picked in the ground, you can just play fermarama. The essence of the game is simple enough, but at the same time very exciting, and thanks to social functions, it can pull you down with his head. At the very beginning of the game you will have a small farmhouse, a large barn, a water tank and a plot of land on which will be the main event. Once you become familiar with the controls, you can begin the hour is to work, because the farmer feeds itself and it depends only on your own well-being. To start the game you will have to grow the cheapest crops that do not require large investments of money and time. Besides, a lot of fertilizer for the plants at your fingertips:) Over time, your beds will turn into orderly rows of beautiful plants that will bear fruit is rich. It should be noted that first you will be able to sell on the market only vegetables and fruits. But later it will be possible to buy a special structure that will handle the harvest. For example, when buying a mill -grown wheat will be processed into flour. Later, having bought the bakery, flour becomes a rosy bread that can be sold more expensive. In addition to farming and gardening can be tackled and animal husbandry. Of course, sooner or later, you're familiar with the management of the farm, and then farming will not take much of your time. Besides, the availability and means appear. And they can be spent on every possible decorating your farm. And plenty of opportunities to do so. Add variety to the game as different habitats, some of whom are even desert and tropical climates. And in each of these different set of animals and plants. The game also hosts a variety of events, similar to a football or Crazy Days days of harvest. All this makes the game very interesting. To summarize, we can say that in fermarama play is very simple. You will have to perform a number of actions. To succeed, sow the beds, grow plants and animals, build new buildings, harvest and sell it to get money for new buildings and improvements! With every passing day, your farm will grow and evolve!