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If a game farm play online for free, you can get your own farmland. Farm games online - are fascinating economic strategy.

As is known, the transition to agriculture and animal husbandry was an important milestone in the development of human civilization. Since then, it took many thousands of years, but the human desire to grow their own plants and animals are still present at the subconscious level. Otherwise difficult to explain to a boom games of this subject, because the play to the farm has become a very popular pastime. It is worth noting that in the farm to play online for free like both men and women, regardless of age and social prosperity. To understand why these games have become so popular, you should find out what is the essence of the game. The classic version of the game online farm is next. The screen is almost empty plot of land that you have to turn into a prosperous farm. You start with one kind of an animal or a bird, such as chicken. You have to grow grass, watering it, so could eat chicken and bring the eggs. After collecting their eggs can be sold. With the money you can buy new animals. Gradually, the farm begins to develop. It will be possible to improve the existing equipment (eg for irrigation ) and buy a new one that will allow access to other plants and animals. This is the basic essence of which offer online game farm. However, despite a similar game mechanics, play online for fun in the farm due to the different subjects. For example, instead of the usual farm, you can find yourself a farm in Madagascar. In this case, you will not start with the usual chicken, and with this breeding peacocks. The money raised from the sale of their eggs can be spent on a special device that allows you to receive an egg flour, sales of which will bring even more money. Gradually, you can afford to buy different kinds of bakeries. Peacock feather fans can be expected to produce and specialty jewelry. In order to protect the farm from predators Madagascar, will have to spend some money on the special defenses. In the end, after a while, your farm will be highly very different from the original version. Of course, the game farm to play very interesting due to the different approaches to the subject. In some of them, for example, create a horse farm, which bred thoroughbred horses. Other games offer to do only growing vegetables for their own restaurant. In a word, presented on our site games online free farm will satisfy almost everyone who wants to spend his spare time interest.