Economic strategy games online

Develop a store, manage a restaurant - it's economic strategy game. To win a game of strategy you should always take care of the economic profit growth.

How would it not strange sounded, the economic strategy games make attractive not only for the highbrow intellectuals and diligent people who want to dig around to the bottom. They are now - one of the most versatile entertainment for completely different types of players. They enjoy playing teenagers, housewives and a very large range of residents of offices - from the secretary to the head of the highest levels. So it probably should not be considered an elite complex strategy genre. In the modern version, but still in the Flash format they are available and interesting to almost everyone. And if we add to these facts the variety that offers geymindustriya market economic policies, then no one will not be difficult to choose a game that fits his level of intelligence. Elements of economic policies today are even in the most simple clicker. For example, many variations on the theme of the development of your farm akkanuta depends on purely economic manipulation - how much crop to sell and how much to leave in the barn, the best way to implement commodity - through intermediaries, market or offer directly to neighbors. Those who make the right decisions and, as a rule, in the win over the players who are randomly poke the mouse without any reflection on the economic feasibility of the action. This - the most primitive version. Which, of course, never be able to drive out of the market complex, multi-step strategy. It is looking for them in the network on demand economic strategy game those who truly love the game of this genre. This is a realistic fans world in which everyone can try to become big business tycoon. There are constant trading, research, recruitment of new staff, team building, communication with business partners. In short, everything in life, but without the real risks and billions of dollars of cash infusions. In addition, the economic policies promise the best players of the very real profit - virtual money earned here, you can easily bring in the real. Of course, to become a millionaire is difficult. But in the month to earn about $ 200 in such a pleasant experience, as the game is realistic. For those who want to feel like a businessman, to train the ability to think, and perhaps in the future will be enriched, we offer on our website an extensive list of the most successful economic policies. Start-up capital is not necessary - all of these games are free!