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Yard culture of the peoples of countries once part of the Soviet empire, is a very interesting object for study. For example, many of today's megacities courtyards are a fun pictorial infrastructure. It is especially interesting to contemplate it was in childhood. Every self-respecting yard had to be their memy or just typical citizens who from generation to generation, occupied the same role in the structure of the yard. Now careful programmer could easily have a whole MMORPG on the basis of such data. All the characters are innumerable, but the main could be a few particularly, as they say, of spherical types. Thus, in every yard should be present your yard patrol. This old woman, who conducted much of his free (ie all ) of the time for watching the neighbors and by teaching their children. Determine the yard patrol is very simple - a single yard Ranger as a rule, do not leave his vantage point - a window or balcony of his apartment. This old lady all day watched the scene in the courtyard, sprinkled with young artillery strikes firing position. Where to go?! Right now, all my mom will tell! Oh, and youth gone! - Surely heard the phrase everyone who grew up in a typical backyard. Organized yard patrol - a group of old ladies on the benches near the entrances - were a far greater threat to the residents, as they have a no mobility. In addition, they could be armed, in the language MMORPG haylevelnymi pets that are constantly clung to teenagers and children running around in the yard. Fight off the pet was impossible because at the slightest resistance grandmother organized raid on the offending child. The second type can be considered a spherical profligate alcoholics in the yard. These citizens, in all eaten by a saw his wife, tried to somehow brighten their existence consumption of alcoholic beverages in the company of their own kind. Typically, they are located at locations with a table and benches, which left early in the morning to avoid the powerful biotic better half attacks, as well as hard- pharma with a rolling pin ( 5 ). Resource, although poor, but stable, these heroes households spent on vodka and port, and then discussed in the light of all of its tables. And they served as a cover for an innocent activity - a game of dominoes. To understand their subtle spiritual organization, it is worth trying to play dominoes online right here.