Doll games for girls online

Dolls can come alive if they become heroines of computer entertainment. Online games for girls dolls have an interesting plot.

For the child in the process of his growth as a person is much more than entertainment. Through the game, the child learns that the world in all its diversity, role models, and assimilates them to the appropriate behavior, hones skills. In short, it is. And what material and what will happen is the vector of development depends, of course, from their parents. Not the least of what toys they buy and what the kid how to interact with them to show him. Modern manufacturing industry of toys features a huge variety. A lot of board games, which need several kinds of fields, and many figures. Sophisticated designers, you can not collect a few hours and a few months. Machines and robots for boys, its realism capable of reaching even an grown. And, of course, dolls. Their range is through the roof. After days of faceless plastic PUPS and flat gross dolls with white, as if swollen faces, disappeared long ago. Today toys that are an exact copy of the baby can be frightening degree of similarity to the prototype. A glamorous dolls - Barbie, Moxie, Bratz - have such an extensive wardrobe and so many accessories that can boast such not every woman, even from the upper classes. But, giving her daughter a doll in hands, ask yourself the question: Why this will teach her ​​doll. If the load with presents daughter, baby carriages, sliders, and other attributes for a doll - baby, you have to raise the risk of a woman, for which reproduction is the only meaning and purpose of life. Which would not be interested in career, love, friendship, relationship building. Its goal will be to get married immediately after graduation, when he was pregnant. For only the pregnancy is the sacred meaning of such complex phenomena as marriage. As a result, we face appear limited personality, which will have nothing to give his offspring. Well, other than buying all the same ovulyativnyh dolls, if the child will be a girl. Unsafe and glamorous dolls - there is a risk to bring up being fixated on their appearance and wardrobe update. So all necessary measure and control. Under the tag games dolls at our site we have put a collection of games, where the main characters are these girls' toys. A free opportunity to play them with her daughter to help you determine what role models and beliefs of each of these forms. And to make the right conclusions for themselves.