Games Diego and Dasha free online

Games Diego and Dasha are full of exciting quests and exciting adventures.

Questions of educational games have always been at the hearing. It does not matter, we are talking about computers, group games or simple card, the question always arises: how effective is this or that game. In our time of pedagogy are often taken not outstanding humanists, and arrant mediocrity. The reason - the low level of wages in the industry. Even the elite high school teacher, he worked on his scientific specialty, could earn many times more. Therefore, the development of materials for children, as a rule, are not involved in those people who can provide something worthwhile. As an example we can take even the holy of holies of mass education - school program to study certain subjects. Most of them are so out of date that about innovative approaches and say nothing. Children are very good at computers, teach a few lessons in a row desktop operating system, with indignation, that the children instead of 45 minutes admiringly to drag shortcuts on the screen, eager to get online or play games. Situation is no better in the basic sciences. As an example we can take language learning programs. They are so deep- Soviet development, that it is unable to interest today's children. Instead of teaching kids already recklessly communicating on the network, methods of expression in the text, they are asked to memorize the rules, while using fundamentally the wrong approach with exceptions. Scientific developments proved that the explanation of the children of some cause-and- effect relationships in linguistic categories leads to a much more consistent results. Simply put, an understanding of why it is we write, makes it possible to remember a rule once and for all. But the theory of Soviet cramming still fills all of our programs. Get out of this deplorable situation to help developing games. Now, of course, most of these products is distributed in the network. But not all of them to be trusted, as professional educators touched only few of them. The most secure in this respect are the games based on popular enrichment programs for children, as well as cartoons. They are picked up in the spirit of informative and erudition, so in any case, bring the child benefit. Some examples could play Diego and Dasha in which children can learn a lot about different phenomena on the planet. See for yourself by going to the page of any of these games. List of links to such pages here.