Dancing games online

Time to go play online dance game where cartoon characters are ready to start free speech and show you new moves.

Everybody dance! In the fiery rhythms of the body itself starts dancing, maketh footwork and body bends in fancy movements. Sometimes human possibilities are staggering, but even a couple of unpretentious popular movements can become the most fashionable among young people. Dances are national, ballroom, disco, folk. You can waltz under the soft music, jumping under dynamic chords or have fun playing the game dances. On our portal collected the most interesting version of dancing toys, in which there are cartoon characters, comic book heroes, modern idols. Remember the singer, dancer and musician in one person - Gangnam Style. He remembered a song about a life of luxury, and its simple dance, consisting of only a few jumps, began to repeat all the discos. You too can dance to play online for free, where arrows will direct traffic charismatic dancer. Gameplay is simple, but requires concentration to promptly seize the moment by pressing the appropriate key on the keyboard when the directional arrow misses the square. Similar way to control occurs more than once with the other characters, although the plot is laid different. This can be a friend who went to conquer Olympus dance floor and want to become a real band. First they have to pass qualifying competition, which identifies talents. The scene is ready, backstage raised, lights are on, and you're standing with her friends on the stage in anticipation of the first chords. That music sounded, quickly gaining momentum, and it's time to show the first movement. Of course, even experienced nervous pop stars, but gather and do not show the audience her excitement. If you allow yourself to get lost, everything goes wrong and you can boo. If you regularly in dance games to play, you can learn a lot of interesting areas of the art, such as dance Harlem shake or as it is also called - Eskista. Its essence lies in the repetition of movements leading dancer, and the more accurate the group will turn out copy, the more effective will the whole composition. Naturally, once with inexperienced people find it difficult to get into the rhythm and catch the next step, but after a while intuitively guess the plan guide. And what could be more beautiful ballet? This is a real theatrical musical performance, where each pair is embedded special meaning. Turning your head, its slope, posture, rhythm, hand bend - all this tells us the story tragic, comical, funny or scary. Every girl sees herself as a child ballerina, but not many are able to pass the heroic journey to the big stage scaffolding. Do not despair, because we have in store for you dance game where old dream become a reality now. Become a virtual dancer and put the number from which the room just explodes with applause. You do not have to stand at the barre, razuchivaya complex movements, stretching and muscle training, fostering endurance. Run the appropriate toy, put your fingers on the keyboard just cashing dates arrows when virtual will be in a special field. A little bit of training, and you have to shine on stage, twist fuete. To address the audience remembered as a great heroine costume, we prigashaem you to the dressing room, where all sorts of outfits will transform the image of the dancer in accordance with its role. This can be a white swan, Carmen, siren, fairy and other vivid image, which must be carefully reproduced in dress games of the dance.