The main task of the game Cut the Rope online feed little monsters Am Nyamaa candies. Play free exciting, pass the levels, collect stars, which give points.

Games Cut the rope - is the super hit among modern gamers. Help the little green monsters Am Nyamu eat all the candy! Games Cut the rope - is a story about how someone took away all Am Nyamaa candies and hung them in the artful wreath ropes. Exactly the same story, only more traps and puzzles that will offer you the game Cut the rope 2. The nice thing is that most of the games in this series does not limit you need to install on your computer any files, you can easily Cut the rope to play online. By the way, for most fans of the game Cut the rope online version is more preferable, because in this game is available for more additional levels and a variety of opportunities for passage. It would seem to cut the rope to feed the monsters desired candy - a simple task that is available even to a child. That only increases the complexity of each level and for various ingenious traps come up with no less ingenious plans for their passage. In addition, it is important to consider and pass the level scoring system: the maximum number of stars per level is difficult to obtain, even in the early stages of the game. So, to be the best and get maximum points, and thus the satisfaction of the game, will not only include the logic and wit, but also to spend more than one hour for training. At the same time, thanks to the stunning graphics, original sound effects and modern animation, the game becomes something awesome and a lot more than just an enjoyable pastime for leisure puzzle. «Cut the Rope» - this is a puzzle game, the first version of which was developed specifically for portable platforms and devices. The essence of the game is based on the application of the laws of physics. The game is a real pride of Russian developers, thanks to this game ZeptoLab company got its name the world, and the brand has become known Chillingo each gamer. With the progress of the game, the release of new versions and applications began to appear such chips, as a response to Am Nyamaa monsters by clicking on it, the player also had the opportunity to change the form of sweets, with each new version there were all new mechanisms and tools by which the motion occurs candy on the level. In the first year on the Android platform, the game has become a leader. Total users from around the world have downloaded on their devices 45 million copies. This brought the developers at least 9 million net operating profit. It is worth noting that 45 million - is taken into account only licensed copy. Rumor has it that "a broken" and the free version of the game has sold around the world in large numbers. Moreover, according to rumors, the authorship of the first break of the game belongs to a group of Russian hackers. The successes of the game could not pass by the critics of the game world. The game was awarded the Apple Design Awards. It should be noted that this title is obtained third-party developers that have been created for the devices in the family of Apple. Such recognition among professionals and the most prestigious manufacturers of computer technology today is worthy of respect. As for the android platform, in 2011, during the awards ceremony, which is held on the initiative of the British Academy of video games, the game won the prestigious BAFTA award in its category.