Online games Save the orange

Help the cheerful fruit escape from an evil rain cloud. To do this, use a variety of items and build one shelter, playing games Save the oranges and apples online

Sometimes the search for toys, which is useful, interesting and productive generation will play an adult and children, delayed because of unleavened plot, simplified gameplay, or objectionable content. But the game Save the orange like absolutely everyone, even if preference multiplayer strategy. Sometimes you want to smash his head on the concrete tasks associated with the logical brainstorming passing levels for the levels, looking for the correct sequence of actions. You have to save the orange throughout the gameplay. He warms his orange peel, bathed in soft, gentle rays of the hot sun, unaware of the approaching danger. Perched on the top perch designer apelsinchik enjoys life, he smiles at his fragile happiness, but then drew on the horizon cloud-spitfire. This insidious predator is not in vain so slyly smiling, as she prepares to bathe hero's refreshing rain and deadly spikes, knowing that he can not stand her sharp pricks gears. Once they touch the delicate skin as it begins to blacken and decay. But you are not in vain start playing save orange, because of this misfortune is salvation, and it is in your hands. Using different objects, oranges build a safe shelter as a storm cloud, with its precipitation is not dangerous swims away. By controlling the mouse, fold-down: • Wheels; • Triangles; • Boxes; • Barrels; • Rafts. Aim them at the selected point, and then click the left mouse button. Pre imagine what will happen after your actions. Since it is impossible to choose the order of items, it will have to seek good luck with that provided by the rules of the game. Have you noticed that in the design of the bomb mounted, and it is not in vain. They can be activated by throwing objects at them, and when there will be an explosion, the design violated and create blocks of the shelter for the oranges. Since it all, they can be manipulated, making revert to the correct niche. Throwing objects that you provoke: • The bombings; • Offset structures; • Overlapping cavities. These events are important, but wrong chosen tactics can also cause fatal events, when the hero is undermined by a projectile or falls into the void. The first levels are easy, as they are to train you and help to adapt to the management, understand the principle of work. Further complexity will grow, and quickly. Simple structures are multi-level, there are additional obstacles, and the hero - friends. Now already it is necessary to save more than one character, two and then three. Next to appear orange green apples, which are also afraid pointed gears, heavy falling from the clouds. By building their shelter from the impending danger, you go through the game step by step. And since developed several series of the game Cover Orange, you will soon become a real genius of logic, continuing to play in the proposed subjects. Ask parents to pass this fascinating toy, and they also become a fan of it. Now arrange a competition to see who will cope with the challenge of finding the correct sequence. You have to be accurate and quick-witted, so each item took the correct position. Do not be upset if it fails, because the levels can be played many times, until you find the right solution. Consider the old mistakes, try a new tactic, and the mission is bound to be passed.