Checkers online game develop thinking and logic. Play checkers online can be a real contender or against a computer program.

Probably everyone in childhood has ever tried to play checkers. If you liked this lesson, now you can play checkers online on our website. It should be noted that the checkers are fairly popular game. Classic checkers board has dimensions of 10 by 10 cells, but the size may vary. For example, Russian checkers are played on the field size of 8 by 8 cells. In this game, each player places to 12 chips, which should occupy the first three rows of the board on each side. Opponents take turns and can capture opponent's checkers. The game is played to capture all the pieces. To make this easier you can turn a simple sword in Kings. To do this, simply bring the sword to the opposite extreme of the series. In contrast to the simple checkers, lady can move diagonally more than one cell. Basically, if you decide to play online games checkers and there rules are no different from a normal game. It should be noted that the checkers game play can be different, since there are various types of games such as checkers. For example, there is a checkers game giveaway. In this kind of checkers rules are the same, only changing the main goal. The winner is the one whose checkers quickly disappear from the field due to the fact that they will knock the opponent. This classic game of checkers dynamic and fun. If you decide to try to play the games online checkers, you will find a nice feature. Unlike conventional checkers, online versions of the game allow the fight to the computer, not just a real player. Additionally, you can choose the difficulty level of computer opponent to the level of his own game. In addition, checkers flash games are held in different subjects. For example, in the game Checkers Zhabko you have to get rid of zhabok on the field on the basis of conventional pieces. However, your main task is to make sure that the pitch was only one figurine Zhabko. This is not very simple, but very interesting. So, if you like to play checkers, or want to learn this game, then you should pay attention to the online version of checkers. Unlike conventional sticks, they can work out with the computer, making it unnecessary to search for a real opponent. In addition, our website presents different versions of checkers, from the classic to funny. The nice thing also is that you can play checkers for free any day of the week throughout the day. Therefore, we wish you interesting games and have fun.