Online Games Cat Leopold offer to play for free with famous cartoon characters. Decorate with bright colors in mice and perhaps they will be kinder.

"Guys, let's be friends! "I guess the phrase everyone knows. Know as well as most of the character. Yes, yes! That is, the same - Leopold. Funny, preachy cartoon about absolutely harmless cat-intellectuals, who by his love of peace and subdue any two mice hooligans that are constantly trying to annoy Leopold. Actually, in the movie there are no more heroes, which have relied plot. On Soviet screens cartoon appeared in the distant 1975. Filmed numerous series about the adventures of Leopold until 1993 (of a series of fifteen). Shooting took place, led by the director-producer Anatoly Reznik on THAT "Screen". Author of the script was Arkady Hunt, director and artist was Vyacheslav Nazaruk. As for the voice of the animated series, the favorite characters were saying the voice of Andrei Mironov (first series), it is due to illness Mironov, voice Gennady Khazanov (second series). Beginning with the third series and finishing eleventh series (except the ninth, where the characters began to talk again voice Mironov) characters voiced by Alexander Kalyagin. Last series of the animated series voiced by Vsevolod Abdulov. Unfortunately, modern kids are not so enthusiastic about looking good old cartoon, because every year there are more bright and colorful designs, that does not always make them better quality. But, due to the fact that everyone's favorite cat and two mice kapostnyh picked creators of video and flash games, games to play cat Leopold start a lot of guys. If we talk about video games, then from 1998 started this Leopold fever. One after another began to emerge more and more exciting games with your favorite heroes. For example, in the same year of 1998, came the first game "Dacha Leopold". Next sat down popping game of various kinds - "catch-up", "Learn English", "Learning the Russian language", "Vacation at Leopold" and the latest "Walking in the woods." And it seems that once again our heroes are a thing of the past, but no. The arena went out flash games. Free Games Leopold cat can be found on our gaming site without any problems, such as games like Leopold cat catch kids who love action games. Leopold the Cat free online games always bring a lot of positive emotions. The most popular of all are the coloring. Well, who in childhood painted different black and white pictures? Now you can do it online. Will no longer be smeary paint tables, pens soiled hands. You just sadite child at the computer, type in the search for "cat Leopold games online" and your child has come up with, in what colors to paint it today butterfly protagonist or odyozhku mice. Games Leopold cat catch are also quite popular among children. Children to have great fun process gives chase enemies or trying to hide from them. Thus, the cat Leopold games suitable for all audiences. Interesting facts about the cartoon: 1). In the Ukrainian city of Komsomolsk, Poltava region that is a monument depicting the Leopold and two razbeshak mice. 2). Large Soviet encyclopedia, since 1990 indicated the incorrect information that "Côte d'Leopold" - a product of "Soyuz-cartoon." 3). Some things are obvious from the cartoon parody of a popular Soviet films, such as "Operation Y", "Prisoner of the Caucasus", "Gentlemen of Fortune" and "The White Sun of the Desert". 4). Private car protagonist marked number signs "Leo 19-87", where 87 is a symbol of the year, when it was taken off this series.