Free Games Protection of the castle

Games Castle send you to war, where to play online, proving himself a brave commander, who can arrange the troops to protect their facilities.

Turn-based strategy - one of the most popular genres of young generals. In such games should not just shoot or fight hand to hand, but also possess a certain battle tactics, building capacity, developing the army and earning money for "pumping" of existing assets. Castle defense game - a vivid example of such actions. Controlling the army, you are moving from the available paths towards the opponent to attack him or pave their own way. To strengthen its position, it is necessary to build towers of varying degrees of protection and the destructive effect. Thus it is necessary to take into account the expected enemy forces and their ability, as well as what approach to your territories can run not only on land but also in the air. We you can play free games locks, choosing any offer. Wanting to plunge into the Middle Ages, you will manage a force of knights, armed with appropriate weapons. Meeting with winged dragons also possible and when he wakes up an ancient evil, only courage and steady hand holding the sword, to help win. In versions of the future will have to reflect the cosmic attacks, the use of laser weapons and defend your castle from the enemy. Also, in the vast virtual world full of different evil. Zombies, mutants, werewolves, vampires and other horror strive to complicate your life. They do not know fear and attack from all sides, and when penetrate into your ranks, do not know mercy. You can kill them, but to do away with those who have long been dead or nearly invulnerable, is not easy. And if you are not afraid of darkspawn, well, horror castle game is waiting for you. Along with Scooby Doo and his friend you will pursue pirates and get in terrible places. One day, being in an ancient castle, Scooby thought that here they will be able to relax a bit and catch your breath. But no such luck bylo since the castle was a lot of ghosts and they are yearning for living beings. Delighted unexpected guests, they excitedly rushed to scare them, howling and whooping from all angles. And because you know how terrified of Scooby Doo disembodied ghosts. Only hope for your help, good response and the ability to make good decisions. Love to wander through abandoned castles and other characters - a boy and girl light-water. These two are inseparable, although these different friends explore all kinds of interlocking labyrinths that hold the secrets of ancient civilizations. Their path is littered with traps and obstacles, but acting harmoniously and work together, they can overcome any adversity. Where can not pass a single character, the other comes to the rescue, and since the game is designed for two players, then where one clever head is good, two is just wonderful. On this subject, created a lot of quests and fans of the genre already rubbing their hands in anticipation, knowing how much fun lies ahead. After all, in these games especially exciting develop different themes and games free locks are invited to alluring, dangerous and educational adventure. Even a desperate situation does not happen eventually losing, because the developers always leave loophole using which you can find a way out of the predicament. Games online castles offer different themes and genres. Amateur fight satisfy their need repeatedly. They will repel the enemy attack itself, fight dragons and rescue princesses. But those who prefer logical tasks will take quests, find items, solve puzzles, overcome mazes, finding differences and more.