Fans of online games Captain America closely followed his exploits and do not forget to play the new items. Armed with a shield, he beats any attack and saves the city.

Free Game Captain America allow you to feel like a real superhero. Marvel comics legend is one of the favorite characters of spectators. Since its first appearance in the comics in 1941, Steve Rogers became the idol of the nation, clearly showing the positive qualities of the Captain! No wonder, as of today, has sold more than 210 million copies of various comics Captain. Captain America free games allow you to immerse yourself in the world of incredible adventure. Games of this famous hero please us since the appearance of the first consoles. With the progress of technology has increased the popularity of games only, because the history of popular hero always got going on the actual platforms. Under the conditions of ordinary life, Captain America - Steve Rogers is a young man, the main advantage of which was the kindness and desire to help others. Unfortunately, nature has not endowed Steve strong enough body to could help those in need. Nevertheless, the guy still found a way to grow yourself a whole mountain of muscle, he took part in a government experiment, during which he introduced the secret serum. Serum was developed specifically to create a super-soldier, who was supposed to help the U.S. defeat Nazi Germany during World War II. At the very beginning of his career on the custody order and justice, Captain America fighting the hordes depicted Nazi soldiers, naturally he was the most popular comic book hero in the war period. But by the end of the war the popularity of his persona became gradually fade. Second birth Cap receives the Silver Age of comics, becoming part of the Avengers. Since then, the hero basically described as one of the team members of the Avengers, but from time to time and go solo comics. Captain America was the first hero of the comics shown in other public media project. It happened in 1944, when the screens went series "Captain America." Since then, the character was introduced in the whole heap of different films, the most recent and spectacular among them: - "The First Avenger" in 2011; - "The Avengers" in 2012; - "The First Avenger: The Other War" in 2014. During its existence, the character "Captain America" ​​took sixth place in the global ranking of the famous hero of the comic strip. Captain America does not possess any of the superpowers, the secret of his strength in syovorotke Super Soldier, the effect that the action was enhanced special life-giving rays. All human ability Steve Rogers were maximized, so he became one of the most ideal of the human family. Indicators of strength, speed, endurance, reaction, reflexes and metabolism resistance level is at maximum capacity available to the human body. In addition, serum prevents the production of substances responsible for muscle fatigue, making Captain boundless stamina. It is known that Captain takes 545 kg of body weight for the bench-feeding and can reach speeds of 78 km / h during the run. Improving committed serum in his body, the captain allowed to survive after freezing and without special effects to continue life in a few decades. Huge experience in various martial conflicts allows to Cap excellent understanding of strategic and tactical nuances. Strengths warlord appreciated even god Thor so appreciated the courage and leadership of Captain, he called it the only mortal for which he is ready to follow without delay, even to the gates of Hell. Experts in the world of comics Captain recognize the best melee fighter of all existing characters. Even when serum once summed Rogers, Steve was able to show himself extremely brave and courageous fighter who is not afraid of obstacles such as multiply the number of superior opponent. Despite the lack of Captain America any superpowers, he has incredible power and is one of the few mortal beings who managed to survive the blow of the hammer of Thor. For more than 60 years of existence in the pages of comic books and on television, Captain America managed to amass a decent amount of enemies. Most of Captain antagonists embody or preach the values ​​and ideals that are contrary to the aspirations of Captain America and the whole American nation. The most striking examples of such anti-heroes: - Natssity: Baron Zemo, Red Skull; - Technocratic fascists; - Neo-Nazis: Doctor Faustus; - Anarchists; - Communists; - Domestic and international terrorists.