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In the big city the uniqueness of each individual somehow lost. It often happens that the value and interest of the person being measured is not his character, and social activity. While this concept is very often include things that are not compatible with real success: talkativeness, conformism, rudeness and lack of tact. In such circumstances, formed something that can be called the spirit of urban society. He arbitrarily divides people into successful and losers, why many intelligent and decent person consider themselves worthless social creatures left. To this way of life has led to an epidemic of mass hysteria, a person's head laid compensatory tool to help overcome the impacts of society. While everyone realized it, very different. Someone is impenetrable shield that covers it from the outside opinions, someone - a sharp blade humiliation of the weak, and someone - fallback system of values. At the junction of the second and third method and feed all sorts of silly sitcom. We are talking about the format of TV series, in which the main character is a notorious grotesque signs of failure. He has a wife with a terrifying character and inhumanly evil children - silly, anxious, flowing. The hero constantly is under pressure from his family, getting into funny situations that put it even more loser. Thus, each cog in the social machine sees the show is not the proper transform into grotesque laughter. For such people, this one the hero, who is even worse than they are, who the big loser, more sloven and so on. It helps people to live, believing that they are not at the bottom of their road - not straight on the bottom and going up arrow happiness and success. As an example of this format, you can bring the Russian sitcom about the adventures of just such a family - Happy Together. Unlucky hero - shoe salesman, his whimsical and annoying wife, the classic format for such children - perfectly executed a series of such goals. And do not argue about the necessity or intellectualism of these products. These serials are needed. Because they help people breathe in the vacuum of the false business value that burn body and soul. And the popularity of the show also said that according to his story and its characters produce a variety of games. Of course, it's not exciting or thrilling race shooters, but for fans of the show to play the game Bukin will be very pleased. For example, here on our site. Free.