Fifteen online games

Fifteen games online cool puzzle. Offer to play for free in different variations of the game, where you need to collect ascending not only numbers, but also the alphabet or image.

Man has created a lot of useful things, but they would have been impossible if we had not learned how to think logically. And in order to develop the quality of it, the child is taught from childhood to make the right decision, for example, the sequence in which elements of a pyramid folded, collect cubes lodge or image fragments which are placed on their sides. Many more examples when the game contributes to our development, a process that never stops and even in old age can not afford to slack. What we can do and we know more, the more flexible our thinking allows us to find the best solutions. Fifteens game online - one of the useful logical pastimes. Noah Chapman invented a prototype in 1874, inviting friends to arrange elements, each of which was a figure from one to sixteen, so that in each row sum of thirty four came out. His son, Frank Chapman, slightly modified the toy and took it with him first in Syracuse, and then Connecticut (Hartford) by opening a production. 1879 is the new revolution for the dissemination of the puzzle - in Boston learned about her Matthias Rice - carver. He inspired her so much that he decided to start his own production of "Precious puzzle» (Gem Puzzle - Engl. ). Since the puzzle seemed at the time innovation, attention to it was a special and Pevi Charles - dentist from Worcester, even announced a competition with a financial reward to anyone who can cope properly gather game. And what could be better advertising than the promise of a cash prize? Today we know how to play the game tag, whether virtual or a variant thereof pocket. Following the rules, you must move squares with numbers, exposing them sequentially. Numbering goes up to fifteen and only one cell on the loose. It is at this step, and you can expect, but it is enough to win. Newcomers need more moves, but this is normal, and since time is devoted to pleasure, there's no hurry. The more training is conducted, the fewer steps required to collect pyatnashek - you hone their skills and become the guru of the puzzle. The process of the game is plain - click on the square with a number, and it will move to an empty space. In other games it will have to fix the mouse and pull yourself. Digital version is a classic, which can be transformed to diversify the collection of pictures. Meaning does not change - these free games tag also require relocation of components, but now instead of ranked numbers you see pictures of animated films with the characters know and love. Here Tom chases Jerry and ready to grab him. And another picture, or someone makes a Batman villain wins. Manga and anime heroes, monsters and robots are invited to find a way to recreate them. Until they are broken into squares and randomly scattered on the field, but after some manipulation, you will see how the whole begin to appear the first fragments. Do not worry if sometimes have to violate the order has already been formed. Without this sometimes can not do, but the reward will be after the successful passage of a new level. Then open space open spaces, beautiful scenery, funny little animals. You will see super heroes, fairies gather, pictures classics, aquariums, mermaids, weapons, mazes and pipeline. We ready entertainment for the kids with a few fragments and complicated for experienced players. Fifteen bit like puzzles, and if you like puzzle games in this regard, we are pleased to offer a variety of choices.