Free Game Archer

Archer online games turn you into Robin Hood and will be taught to cope with ancient weapons - a bow and arrows. Or offer to play on a sports field with a crossbow.

Each historical period marked by its distinctive features - fashion, religion, political opinion, culture, weapons. But it has always been the main weapon in the fight for argument's own idea. Today, the war became almost proximity. Opponents shoot behind cover, throw grenades or tear gas smoke enemy of asylum to shoot him in open space. But even this is no longer valid because the military industry is constantly developing new types of weapons of mass destruction for long distances. But once people had no such means and went on the attack on the enemy with a naked sword, and only bows, crossbows, and rams kamnemety allowed to get the enemy from a distance. Opening game archer, you can go to one of these wars and personally shoot of this ancient weapon. You will find that many factors influence the effectiveness and should always take into account the tensile force of the string, the angle fired arrows, as well as natural conditions - wind, fog, rain, time of day. Knowing all these nuances and making them an amendment, you'll help your army to win the battle and the war. In addition, archer games, it is also hunting. Sometime people will fend for themselves, leaving the forest for prey. Shoot an animal that can smell you smell and hear every rustle, very difficult, and experienced hunter knows how to outsmart the game. Driving with only one bow, you shoot at the ducks, pheasants, deer. But carnivores will fall. In this case, you are in danger to become a prey. In speaking about the forest, will be strange not to mention Robin Hood - forest brigand assailant coaches and riders wealthy estates with intent to rob. They say he gave the loot to the poor, and this has earned him the respect and support of the common people. But he did not only plunder and captives and freed from their evil fate. Poor often unjustly accused of something they did not commit in order exponential penalty. But Robin Hood could not remain indifferent and managed to save them by shooting tight rope gallows and interrupting her with an arrow. He was known for his marksmanship and could from a great distance to get not just a goal but a boom, which was already there, by splitting it along. Games archers have not been party to such an excellent topic and now you have become available forest, noble robber, rescuing them from the gallows of imminent death. But this will not only Robin, and many other characters who care about the fate of the inhabitants of his village. Continuing the theme of archers, should also talk about the possibilities of today's use of the bow. In our reality there is only one niche where this weapon is actively used - sports. You can arrange competitions, opening the game on two archers, and figure out a dispute which one of you a marksman. Management in such embodiments is divided between the parties under the agreement - one controls the keyboard keys and the second arrow, but there are options, and using the mouse. At the same time, all jobs are complicated and you have to show all the patience and skill to successfully complete the competition. Each version of the process in its own good. Whichever method you choose shooting, you get experience in dealing with ancient weapons and understand its operating principle. In the capable hands of an arrow pointed bow, released exactly on target, hit the enemy for sure. Selecting a crossbow, you will find some differences in management, but its essence is still the same.