Game Angry Birds Online

Games Angry Birds free invite lovers of strategic actions to defeat all the pigs that attacked the birds' nests. Online fun very funny and mischievous.

In order to make an interesting toy that gets hold of the attention of the masses, does not necessarily make it hard, realistic, with a complex interplay of the storyline. Sometimes casual games are not less popular compared to their full-bodied counterparts. And they have the advantage - they can be installed on any digital media (mobile phone, tablet or computer), and always have on hand, at some point to be able to pass her time. Examples of such games can be called a lot of the virtual world and annually updated with new offers, but this topic is devoted to a particular direction and we invite you to play angry birds online play. Game Angry Birds (Angry Birds or evil), developed in 2009 by the Finnish company Rovio Mobile, has become known throughout the world and for sure you will also have time to meet with angry feathered that settling scores with green pigs, destroying their nests. But, as often happens, a fun idea gives rise to other entrepreneurs, and they create their own version of history. They can be seen as caricatures of the original, but this opportunity to diversify the gameplay becomes less enjoyable. Another game angry birds can use the main idea and making birdies to shoot a slingshot, metyas target. But his goal may already be anyone, and let the evil pigs while rest and restore their destroyed homes. All birds in different color and size, but because each carries its own destructive power and temperament. Cats life plagued feathered, and now it's their turn to suffer. Aiming precisely, run one of the birds on their slender rows and destroy the enemy. Better, of course, do this with the first blow, but such luck does not always happen. Well, do not despair, because you always have a supply of ammunition, although it is not superfluous to recall that they will end sooner or later. Angry birds games call to release prisoners relatives of cells. It can be done only taking aim carefully adjusting the angle and force of impact by using a computer mouse and sending ferocious bird in goal. Here boxes broke and scattered, like a house of cards to unleash the birds rejoiced. Well, yes, of course, there is nothing sweeter than the will! But there is still plenty of work, because the enemies tried more than one day and managed to catch a lot of accidents. See for yourself what the pyramid of cells have managed to build. Sometimes you will be in play angry birds, where the plot is quite similar to the original. For example, my mother-bird went pedaling a bicycle, in order to collect their chicks treat for Christmas. Be it the hard way, because its anatomy is not suited for this kind of move. And the road got twisty. But she really wants to please their kids and because bravely overcomes all obstacles and dangers on their way. And then she had to climb a steep hill, straining pedaling or avoid failures. One wrong move and the kids will not only without gifts, but without her that. But online game angry birds in space - it's all an innovative approach. How are bred cats space is unclear, but ignore their invasion of our land is not worth it. But do nothing, when the threat so obvious, we have to arm themselves with guns, take them at gunpoint and ruthlessly exterminated. But do not think that they are simpletons. Hitryuschie dodge cats and do not want to expose yourself under your striking fire.