Adventure Time Free Games

During the game you will meet Adventure Time with Finn and his kid best friends, will be able to free play all his adventures and become part of the team.

In today's film industry creates an endless array of films related to the life on our planet after the apocalypse. This invasion of zombies, and different climatic catastrophes and viruses that enter the human blood-borne or airborne. Cartoons on this topic is quite rare. Solve this problem come from the American animators led by Pendleton Vorn. He came up with a story about how a boy named Finn and his trusty friend and assistant - a mutated dog named Jake travel the post-apocalyptic world in search of adventure, which bears the name of Earth Ooh - this is our home planet has survived for almost a millennium ago, a nuclear war. The premiere of the animated series in the spring of 2010 and currently consists of more than 160 episodes. Animated series throughout its existence told about the many heroes, however, the main characters can be called just a few. Fin kid - 12-year-old, one of the few people who do not mutated after a nuclear war. In the course of the film you will notice that he long golden hair, although most of the cartoon on his head he wears a hat with ears, which considers its own and closes them from time to time, if you do not want to hear something. Fin wears blue shirt, blue shorts and white socks with black shoes. Behind kid backpack green, and he uses weapons of golden sword or sword, like a large tree branch. Jake - 28-year-old magic dog, half-brother Fin, as well as his best friend. Jake looks like a modern bulldog yellow color. The main feature of Jake - he is able to stretch his body like rubber, as well as manage them with the help of which can take any form. Like all dogs, Jake has an exceptional sense of smell. His hobby - playing the violin. Bimodal - a small portable computer that lives with Jake and Phin. Most often it is used for computer games, but other than that, can serve as a bimodal various electrical appliances. Princess Bublgum - Queen Candy Kingdom. In love with the princess protagonist of the animated series Fin. Princess looks like a normal person, but in fact, it consists of a mass of sweet, and her hair was made of gum. Likes to dress up in all pink, and in his spare time is a free reign of modern clothes. This free time she dedicates to his favorite cause - science. Snow King - King of the Ice Kingdom. By purchasing one strange crown and putting it - he began to see all sorts of strange things, and his eyes glowed white. He constantly kidnaps princesses to marry one of them, as well as he really wants to make friends and make friends with Phin and Jake. In addition, Snow King is able to fly, freeze things, throw ice lightning. Marceline - Queen of the Vampires. Fin and Jake's girlfriend. Her in 1004, she loves to sing and play the bass guitar. Besides, she does not drink blood like vampires, sucking and red from different subjects. Princess pupyrchatuyu Kingdom - Fin friend, Jake and Princess Bublgum. Behaves as a teenager, from time to time trying to please Phin. Looks like a cloud of lilac with a shining star on the forehead. This story cartoon is very unusual and exciting. No wonder it has become the idea of ​​many game developers. On our site you can find several series of the adventure game. In them you can become part of a post-apocalyptic world, and together with the protagonists to save our world. Games Adventure Time with Phin and Jake are suitable for everybody, and nobody will be disappointed in them. They do not need to download or install on your PC - Game Finn and Jake Adventure Time available on our website online. To play only need to run it in the browser and start playing. Enough to think! Begin the adventure games to play right now!