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Heroes of flash games - are powerful fighters, cartoon animals, fantastic creatures. Action games for boys immerse gamers into the world of exciting adventures.

A very interesting phenomenon in terms of linguistics happen in the game world. After all, who would have thought that the only Slav very broad definition of the genre the game industry will be colloquial word. Wandering - so almost every one of our compatriot calls genre of games, in which more than one hour had a chance to spend almost all citizens of the world. And while supporters of the crystal clear spelling defending the right of a negative attitude to this kind of definitions, most of the players just playing these great games. Brodiliki - the genre is truly universal. Its target audience is practically limitless. However, in the 90's there were some problems with the precise placement of genre limits. The fact that the original under the Action realize console games, which are now referred to as a platformer. Then, when the technology of three-dimensional games began its march across the computer world, the term began to identify more and shooters. Subsequently, there was a whole group of players who believed Adventure virtually any game where the task of the player was movement on the map that has not been previously opened. Now the term is also not accurately determine the scope of gaming, because Action adopted the old name game, the gameplay is reduced to platformers genre. That is, if the player has to overcome obstacles in the two-dimensional world, winning numerous enemies - this walker. Adult game world appreciates this kind of game like platformers - from the name of surfaces, from the point of view of the three-dimensional world hanging in the air. Therefore, the accurate determination of brodilok not and can not be, because that word even from a linguistic point of view, can not have a terminological difference. Otherwise, an ophthalmologist should be called oculist and further anecdote. But, nevertheless, a large number of today's players called Adventure everything exactly the same as on the border of two-dimensional and three-dimensional epochs. Similarly, we can say one thing - modern shooters can not be classified as a brodilok, as in the classical two-dimensional Adventure necessarily present another element - arcade. That is, the player must have not just mindlessly shoot the enemies of the crowd, but also to overcome the obstacles and perform small quests. A classic example of Action can be called a game console with Dandy Duck Tails. A possible similar to the shooter genre is the so -called Action games for boys. Therefore, the definition of the term would have to leave the conscience of dialectologists and other experts in linguistic forms.