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Online game on the farm! - Is a classic version of the toys on the farm theme. You will be issued after the registration of an earth plot, which will develop the means available. You are the rightful owner, so decide what plants to plant, what animals to breed.
The choice is great, but you lot is not available, because you're new. Watch out for lessons, tips, and soon learn to cope with a heavy workload. First, it is difficult to manually deal with each area: sowing, watering, weeding weeds, harvest. But you just started the game on the farm to play, and in front of a lot of interesting surprises. Tractors, harvesters, seeding machines and polivalki much simplify the work on the ground. And when the time comes, you can hire more workers, give them jobs, but for themselves to leave work more interesting. To be able to buy new seedlings and mechanized farms, we need money. Earn them in several ways. First, you sell at the market raw materials, that is, the harvest of grain, fruits and vegetables, eggs and hay. When to save money, build factories, mills and new corrals, smash additional fields for interesting plants.
The company produces products: bread and pastry, dairy products and sweets. What, where to put them, build barns and warehouses. When they fill up, go to the market and ask the price to buy the necessary and profitable to sell their. But it is especially useful to offer their products to shops and restaurants. Concluding a trade agreement, you ensure yourself a regular income. But if you miss the time of delivery due to their own negligence: the harvest was lost, did not have time to turn raw materials into commodities - then your services quickly abandoned. Earn points and gifts can also be daily visiting iPlayer Let's Farm. . Play the game iPlayer: On the farm online.

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