Surgeon Online Games

Free Games surgeon before you open the temple of medicine, in which people give new life without disease. Start to play it and you to save virtual patients.

Surgery can be called one of the most important areas of medicine. For a long time the penetration into the human body was banned and punishable by death. It was believed that the body created by a deity, should not defile a man. Due to prejudice the development of medicine in general, strong brakes, but there were always those who have transgressed the law and secretly studied the structure of the body. These revolutionaries were atlases, painted by hand with captions under each part. It is these pictures and descriptions form the basis of training future surgeons when practice officially allowed. However, the Occupational Health found a very long time, and dirty tool was used repeatedly on different patients. In someone else's blood drifts wounds and infection. After such healing survived a very low percentage of people and they rightly distrusted surgery. Among other things, had not yet been invented anesthetics that can lull the patient and anesthetic procedures. Today's medicine has leaped forward and opens up more mysteries of the human body. We suggest you play the surgeon where you yourself become an angel in a white robe, saves someone's life. This is a very responsible job and should really love life, this specialty and have compassion to dare such a choice in professional terms. In the virtual world you will encounter a variety of simple, complex and impracticable tasks. In truth, there is no medicine in simple cases, and each must be perceived responsibility not to hurt people even more. Surgeon games offer you remove appendicitis. For the experienced surgeon such a procedure already entered into the stream and automatically. But newcomers scary and many hands were shaking. The next time before you compound fracture. Bones sticking out of a wound, and most importantly do not lose consciousness from the sight of blood, otherwise scare the victim even more, and dropped his own image. If you will not afford even that, then you can not even dream of a career surgeon, who must act calmly, prudently, promptly. Games surgeon doctor show you all aspects of the doctor. Heart transplant operation on the stomach, eyes - all this small list of what you should be ready. A true professional should know everything, though always a certain niche preferences, where individual talent is revealed most clearly. Many doctors go into cosmetic surgery that returns people to the beauty and youth. Online game surgeon pays attention to this area. By this section applies dentistry. After all, it is not limited to the filling of teeth and removal. In its power to change even the shape of the jaw, bite and align the dentition using braces. Games for girls surgeon offer to test himself in the role of the dentist's office is not only for people, but in the clinic for animals. It is known that animals are not fans of brushing teeth and soon paid for this acute pain. Hear the cries for help of a monkey? Prepare your tools and get to work.