Games tractor race online

Racing games on tractors offer to test their strength on the impassable roads.

What would you say there is not fans speculate about virtual reality, and yet content in the game world is not coming to the last events in the real world. For example, for a long time in the world, but mainly in the United States is popularly unusual entertainment as tractor race. They are held there since the 40's. But since the farm has become a fun show, which broadcasts from the happy are popular channels, began to follow the American example and other countries. His tractor race is held in Ukraine, Russia and many other post-Soviet countries. Some even believe that here they even look authentic. Argument - a scene from the movie Tractor, which shows a kind of competition in the race tractor - pulling tractors. Sometimes the tractor replaced the heavy multi-ton platform. In addition, tractor competing in speed - both among themselves and in group races. To participate in this kind of rally can any owner of a tractor, if equip their heavy machine tools specified in the rules of safety. But as the area becomes popular, therefore, there is money out there. There are already many people who create special tractor which can not be used in agriculture, but who are they perfectly perform in the race. Computer games tractor race also did not escape his attention. After all, this is a relatively new theme provides an opportunity to move away from the already somewhat bored cars of Formula 1 racing stritreyserskih without rules, motorcycles and other platitudes. Though in fact in all of these races has a value of only the external design. Even the most addictive game tractor race does not radically different from all the others. In the framework of the game on tractors can do the same thing as you do on any gaming machine - to overcome the obstacles in the form of uneven terrain, push the track rivals, maneuver. So it all depends on what type of image you want to see on a monitor in front of him. After all, it has for many was the main difference. If you are one of them - then welcome to our website. For obvious tag you'll find not one, but more than a dozen games on tractor racing. Please note - on our site you do not need to register, and even more so to send paid sms- messages to get the opportunity to play. We are all easily accessible and free of charge!