The New Adventures online games give Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. Together with Jack Sparrow go play to search for treasures and grapple sailing ships.

Before you play Lego Pirates of the Caribbean - one of a series of toys that are based on Lego. Pirates have always stirred the imagination of adventurers. They seem to them brave sea wolves, who are always eager for adventure, attacking merchant ships, looking for treasures. In fact, in their lesson and there is nothing close to a noble, but readers of this literature and the cinema audience did not want to think about it. These Daredevil primarily seen courage, freedom of thought and emancipation acts. When it appeared the films "Pirates of the Caribbean," the audience fell in love with the image created by Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow. We can say that the series began with the release of a new pirate era. Slightly abandoned theme again become relevant, her fans have increased their army, and the game world has got a great idea for creating your own products. The game Pirates of the Caribbean Lego toys competes with the same direction, giving their stories profitable players on the court. Will not torment you, and together with Jack Sparrow go in search of jewelry that is buried on a remote island. Distracted by the journey itself also will not, and out side our hero at the moment of excavation, to share with him the joy of the moment. However, although we find almost under his feet to pull it to the surface, we must try to survive, avoiding the inherent min. Small plot of land will unearth every hole and if you're lucky, put in another coin pocket. Treasure hunt - it's a real puzzle game logic. As clues that lurked nearby shell will act figures. Each refers to the number of cells which can be a dangerous deal, but to refer to such a cell, check the box. But if the area is clean, it will open to several squares. During the game, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean from distant shores, pirates will have hard times, because in the depths of the waters of the siren lure. Among sailors legends that these sea creatures look like beautiful girls, but hide under water fish tails. Singing they fascinate seafarers, and deprive them of their self-entrain on the jagged reefs. Ships are broken, and people are drowning, unable to dispel spells. But it seems that the game Pirates of the Caribbean Lego found a way to deal with mermaids - when they come to the surface, it is necessary to impose on them a lighthouse beam, and then they retreat. To save the team of pirates, act decisively and quickly, getting rid of the monsters coming, but see themselves not heard otherwise be gone in the deep waters. What Lego Pirates game without war? To show how these guys are cool, developers have come up with an unusual way to battle. Two pirates are thrown cannonball, like a ball, just hands. This is not because they do not have guns - so much more interesting. While one sailor standing on the deck of the ship, the second found a place on the pier behind the boxes. Boxes close review and because some are better undermine, then good aim and blow up the enemy. War is more like child's play, but should not be forgotten. Throwing each other kernel, try to throw your scoring came and destroyed the enemy's territory. When you get tired to destroy, go to the tavern, and have fun. Come up with an interesting musical motif and original movements, and then click on the play, to enjoy what happened.