In the settlements need to keep order, catching offenders. And this will have to do, playing online games Lego City Police free.

Unfortunately, wherever there is graying people appear and antisocial elements of society, going against the law and order. They unbearable to live by the rules, and they constantly violate them. You should leave the house unattended as thieves already here. Parked car with alarm defies car thieves who have learned to break any security system. Even banks and shops equipped with modern protection and under the supervision of the police, can not relax, because the gangs are coming up with ingenious ways to crack the codes and bypass ingenious traps. In each city, and even a small village live criminals. Even if they are satisfied with petty theft, stealing from handbags purses, mobile phones or invent scam for gullible citizens. But he certainly should fight that they did not feel their impunity. Games Lego City Police invite you to Legoland, where, along with law-abiding population of the city will always be conflict with the law. In these amusements you offer to solve the most complex task of humanity - to get rid of the intruders. Is this possible? Fortunately, the Lego City Police game is really seems plausible, because the transition to the next level opens only when you manage to clean up the area of ​​the current. This is a somewhat optimistic scenario of the story, but as in the virtual world everything is possible, get to work. Try laser weapon, catching up in the frenzied race of those who seek to escape from the avenging hand of justice. Incredible chase excite and cause excitement, and to amplify this effect, after each mission you propose to increase transport characteristics, making it even more hardy, fast and maneuverable. Bringing order to cope with the New Year holidays will help you play Lego City police station. Even when all the people celebrate and relax, this service does not leave his post and is always ready to go fully prepared to place the call. At the police academy staff teach discipline, reliability and quick response. They impose order on earth and even in space. Attack from the skies are not uncommon here, and therefore have to expand their abilities, learning to control the aircraft. Intruders behave aggressively, make sharp turns in the sky, but on their tail your experienced police detachment that works efficiently in a team. When a mission to capture and destroy the pirates made, go to the hangar, where you can improve your vehicle, spend upgrade and improve its performance. This needs to be done, because the subsequent level enemies will change on a faster machine, and you will be behind it even more difficult to keep up. Lego City Police Station will not play boring, it's always chases, passion, shooting. Each time a new task in front of you, and it is difficult to last. Imagine that because of an absurd accident escaped from prison and now all criminals roam at large. You need to make every effort to bring them back behind bars and on the streets to restore the old order. Still have Lego games Forest City police, immersing you into the conditions of the tropics, where again you gotta chase fugitives. This is reminiscent of the hunt for the beast, that's only in his favor as bandits. Catches all until they are securely hid in the bushes.