Fighting games for two online

Martial arts, street brawls, sport confrontation all embody the fight game for two.

In today's society, which is very trying to be civilized, it's hard to believe in the fact that, for example, a few decades ago, even the most violent children's fights were considered a normal variant. And it's not that allow or not allow taken separately parents or teachers. Throughout society there sounded through children's literature and the media paradigm that fight is the norm. Of course, you had to fight for justice, so to speak, on the side of light. But the essence remains the same - to strike is not the answer, but first, it was considered a boy's, and later, and the men of valor. This is clearly evidenced images from the Soviet teenage girls and children's literature. The girls, who were able to break in case the offender or ideologically incorrect antagonist nose, were in the eyes of the author and the reader at times better and more attractive than feminine young ladies who have never fought. It was the first real friends, like to make friends with them, they fell in love. And any feminist theory -savvy knows that a woman is raised in front of a very patriarchal society, if sometimes manifests patented masculine qualities. In our case - a willingness to become the initiator of physical violence. Whether this model wins against not able to defend themselves, infantile and feminine? This can only be answered famous quote - both worse. Fortunately, the world is now, at least superficially, but, nevertheless, condemned the violence. Especially in children's team. In the U.S., even the most innocent - brawl between students mladsheklassnikov can result in long-term trial with parents and even representatives of the law. Formally, these principles and try to follow us. After all, a civilized society taboo bursts of unwarranted aggression, it teaches one to weaken, contain and do not pass a certain range. By the way, why are so popular fighting game for two. Many people use them as an analogue of a duel. When you want to hit the person, but you know yourself that doing so hot, because the offense was not so global, to be punished by physical violence against him. And these games for two fights moved to a format online. In order not to wrap with setting up a network, you can just sit down at a computer and do that in real life would be fraught with bruises, broken teeth and other pleasures of life. Relieve stress and we offer on our site. And it can be done for free!