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How do you feel about telepathy? Probably, all in different ways. One believes in the existence of this phenomenon, and some proudly lifts the nose or on the second, not believing a word of psychics and the afterlife at all. In the computer world there is a game that is able to shake the faith in the absence of extrasensory perception. It's called Akinator. This word has no other meaning, because it is the name of Jinnah, able to read your thoughts. Once you open the page with this game, simple and good-naturedly draw the genie will ask you to make a character of any known. But after a few minutes he asking you simple questions that should be answered yes or no, it will guess. The first few times, it seems that Akinator will play for a long time, because you will make come true so unusual and original character. A minute later the majority of players waiting for a shock - Akinator correctly displays the name of the hidden character you. While he guesses almost everything - from book heroes to the freshest memov the network. Even the most erudite players sometimes struggles to find a character that will not be able to guess the Akinator. What is the secret? Of course, Akinator not a mind reader and magician. It 's just brilliant written program. And the strength of this program on the Internet. Not exactly in the Internet, Akinator 's just live on the Internet, but do not use search engines, and does not sit on the forums. The strength of his program in the global prevalence of the global network. Remember the old joke about the rules of the internet? All of the network has been somewhere. It is this principle and uses Akinator. After all, they are millions of players, and the base is filled with magic genie by them. And the magic Akinator is very simple - most people are not so erudite, so the circle of knowledge, even starting base is enough to guess most of the requests. And with complicated names come into play heuristic methods that help to educate themselves Jinn, while constantly adding to the database. As a result, each new name Akinator loses only a few players first, and then, using data already known to him, adds them to each request. So play Akinator will not even with one million users, because the popularity of Jinnah is not quenched. Very often in the offices can be heard wailing inspired I beat Akinator! It is understood colleagues welcome the newly winner, because they, too, were playing with Akinator and know how difficult it is.