Starting to play free online games Zombie for two, you give a chance to the residents of the city of salvation. Destroy the rebels dead, shooting and smashing their heads with a sword.

Games for two Zombie: Dead come. Let the slow zombies are not deceiving you. This is a diversionary tactic to drive the victim to a secluded corner and quickly deal with it. If one walks down the street dead and close to a dozen necessarily trampled. And more bloodthirsty zombies and numerous, and you need all the courage and strength to cope with them, opening the game for two zombies. Well, when the next one, which will help repel the invasion of the insurgent evil. Driving hero of the game hung with grenades and machine guns destroy enemies ruthlessly. Is still at least one wandering corpse, the threat of mass infection is still active, because biting the living man, he turns it into his own kind. To cope with the mission, and the need to play against a zombie for two. Mate, this is another pair of eyes and hands, a few trunks and moral support. The two men, the two firing points, which can be distributed in the territory, to block the street. If you sneak up from behind, you may not notice this in the heat of battle, but be sure to help out a friend, snesya dead man's head. Together faster and easier to strip the space while showering the enemy with bullets and throwing grenades. In the meantime, one reloads the gun, the second holding back the onslaught of the enemy army. Listed points more than enough to prove a preferred embodiment, for two games against the zombies. However, if at this moment it happened that the game is not to share with anyone, then put in the settings the checkmark that are willing to take the risk alone to do the impossible. The more diverse your arsenal, the greater the chance of survival. We took care of it and select the desired offer: • Rifles; • Crossbows; • Bazooka; • The machine guns; • Swords. I must say that the cold steel is also encouraged in their personal collection. If you run out of ammunition and grenades, the steel blade only slightly blunt at the end of the battle, but you will not feel it until the battle is going. Do not forget to update the weapon in the store. It is important to make it all the better, because the work is added. In place of the fallen zombies come brand new, svezheobraschennye, and they are also hungry. Leave behind the gun and take up a machine gun - things go with him fun. More options zombie games: Games for two Shooting zombies initially develop some backstory that you understand how this happened apocalypse. Often blame the scientists - they always come the planned experiments, the unexpected accident. They want to see the effect of the drug on humans, and they let the virus take a walk. Or terrorists raged and, having stolen the research center deadly vial, divide it in a public place. Breathing in the bacteria, people die, but will soon rise, and feel nothing but all-consuming hunger. The zombies turned and animals that defines your new task - to destroy the four-legged predators. Games for two zombie shooters also use stories of other games, and you'll see how a woodcutter from "Bears neighbors" went with a friend on a zombie hunt with a shotgun. Infect infection and balls. Previously, they did not see no one at all, and now their darkness. But you can not be afraid - they eat amanita. Between a zombie too can fight. Divided into groups, they attack their own kind. Other ghouls even evolved and built sports. Archery arrows do not they release, and icicles, and tag is not in the target, and birds. Knocking, they get an extra turn. Among these "athletes" were seen even children!