Learn how to cook sushi, domestic animals and grow plants, to serve visitors to the restaurant, solve logic puzzles - all offer free online game Youda.

Being a supporter of a certain game genre, yet sometimes you want to change the atmosphere. Link to the diversity inherent in all, because it allows you to learn and develop. That's because the game presents iodine in the range of subjects. Without changing the heading, you can taste these directions: • Farm; • Cooking; • Marine theme; • Customer service; • Quests; • Strategy; • Card games; • Fun logic. Since online games do not require registration, but immediately send you on an adventure, one evening you can take a few toys and assess their quality. But we are sure, every pleasure and awaken the desire to continue to study tomorrow. Game farmer iodine - one of the most popular gaming choices of direction. You find yourself back in the face of the desert land that promises a rich harvest. For this to work hard. The first steps are difficult, because you do not have cars and production, but only a desire to develop and a pair of hard-working hands. Seeded land access to culture, watering seedlings and after ripening harvest. Sell ​​it to the market to raise funds for the acquisition of new products in the shop. Each item has a price, and the more powerful equipment or exotic plant, the higher the cost. Continuing to develop the game farm iodine, build buildings that will begin production of the raw material grown by you. Goods bring more money, and the money - a new achievement. Gradually gaining experience, resources, furnished our life and actively trading, you will turn even the desert in a heavenly place. As a farm building in different countries will adapt to the peculiarities of the climate. But wanting something quite unusual, go to cultivate the land on other planets. Who knows what you will grow there, and where it can be applied. Rather, eggs, wheat and tomatoes assortment is completed. Let's digress from farming Pomo handles off the ground and see what interesting things you can still extract in category games iodine. Here is the opportunity to do in the restaurant business. You can choose the direction - to give head and create culinary masterpieces from the products or focus on mass production. In the latter case it will have no creative torment because of all the counter meanders snake, and its tail is not visible. Tormented hunger pangs, people lose patience, wanting to get their portion of most food. They choose the proposed ingredients, and you make up a portion of the sales order. Working quickly, you earn a lot of money to invest in the development of the institution. Then relax at the card table playing poker with hardened players. Watch out for distribution, remember departed maps and calculates every move. Fishing is also a great vacation. But it is interesting to sit on the rocks where you can go to the open sea. At the same time catch chests with artefacts and beware of the meeting with the pirate brotherhood. If you already inflamed the appetite, and you are ready to experience new emotions, then open the strategy to go straight into the world of knights, wars, cowboys or fantasy. Although the exterior design is always new, the principle of the game is similar: • Interact with the neighbors; • collect resources; • Create objects; • Trade; • Fight; • Perform a job; • Explore the area. You are waiting for the quests and with all the features, but for the adventure that lies in them, you only have to learn.