Many adventures waiting for players who love to play with different monsters. Online Games Yeti about Bigfoot allow play relish.

Nature, which seems to be studied and thoroughly known to man, continues to hide from us some of their secrets and sometimes throws up another secret, trying to shock and surprise us. Do not just have to read the stories of travelers who allegedly saw a huge two-meter monkey that moves on its hind legs, marching right as a person. Some managed to shoot a few frames at the camera fuzzy, others brought a tuft of wool, being left on the tree, cast feet hitting the size or bone. Each "evidence" for a long time studied, tested and ambiguous conclusion. Not yet proven conclusively that it is really a separate species being unknown to science. While the scientific world denies the existence of a primate, the common people continue to accumulate evidence of its existence. Evidence that he was seen by many as are nicknames that sound different peoples in their own way. We decided to call it creating a snowman in the West they call it Yeti or Bigfoot (big foot). There are also other names: Sasquatch, abanauyu (forest people), Raksha Bompa, kiik-adam (wild man), bangyakri, sword-kangmi, noktyurnus (night people), van-Manas and others. Among the guesses there are even fantastic versions of its appearance. If the assumption is that this is a kind of savage unknown type of monkey or Neanderthal man, who managed to survive to the present day, still fits in our minds, the bold assertion that he was an alien from outer space, it is beyond the scope of understanding. But while some people believe in the one of the options, while others completely dismiss the fact of his life, saying that all the evidence simply fabricated lovers sensations and can only serve as the basis for creating films, comics, cartoons and are suitable for yeti flash games. We, the common people, do not care about the scientific debate, because we have better things to. Opening game online Yeti, we will carry out its own investigation into the world and prove the veracity of the legend of Bigfoot. Once it becomes clear that this creature is quite aggressive and approach it is not recommended if you want to keep your head on your shoulders. Looking like he treats the poor penguins do not want to take their place. Hildren indiscriminately missing another bird and bat strikes it, throws a catapult or just manually throws at a distance. It seems that the yeti just does not pay attention to what is happening to or receives from the process enjoyment. Otherwise, his actions did not explain. Going to the next Olympic Games, it is stored in dozens of penguins as projectiles. Since no one feathered not yet managed to survive after a savage merrymaking, they become disposable balls, but because the yeti requires a lot of them. When it comes satiety, he goes play with people. He's a little afraid of them, and therefore acts by other methods, on the sly. While skiers resting in the ski resort and enjoy the descent from the mountain, our hero rolls snowballs and brings sight to the next person. But as he paws a lot, and it snowballs out no less than an avalanche. If he gets to the skier, that covers the head and only skis sticking out of the snow. But beware of the paparazzi, who is hiding on the opposite slope, and tries to make a sensational photo Eyti.