Original look online games Yepi beloved's creation, whose planet was attacked by aliens. You have to play to save his bride and helping to find the ship.

Games Yepi, casual quest is made in the original style that immediately attracts attention. It is a bit like Samorost and Machinarium products where events also occur on another planet, and the landscape and the protagonist fascinate its surrealism. It all starts with the fact that the aggressors attacked the living, thriving planet. Its inhabitants were unable themselves to cope with their own liberation, and had to ask for help. They sent a distress signal to a distant space, which responded and our character. Now he wanders into a strange world and every step - this new discovery. He must get out of this story, find a way to rescue his beloved, to find the ship and fly home. Just say, but how to do it? There is so much unclear and so strange. Already once you get into a dangerous situation and should avoid death. Lurking under some monster, putting on the surface only the eyes. Your every action leads to a chain reaction, and unexpected things begin to happen. Pulling a vine, you discard a grain, then fold it a modicum of moisture, and easy on your eyes, it begins to grow, becoming a stalk of saving for our hero! But wanting to go ahead, you're bound to end up in the placed traps that are in store for travelers underground monster. The further you delve into the process, so it becomes unusual. Here it is difficult to predict what will happen next, because everything is so unfamiliar that reaction guess nature is simply impossible. Everything happens for some unknown to us laws, and inhabit the planet creating behave aggressively, or suddenly turn into allies. Cost to pull the rope, how on earth formed some springy, gelatinous substance, and jumping on it, you can fly through a dangerous part of the route. And here was a strange animal transport for you. You just got into it as a bus and can even manage it. Clicking on a certain point, you give the command to action: to dig, push and destroy the whole place distance. When no longer need it, just leave this body and move on their way. Ahead of you are testing and dangerous collision with the guards, flying saucer and the passage of the new border point touchdown. In a variety of galaxies and stellar systems can easily get lost, but guided by the constellations, will you find the right path in the Milky Way. But here you are unlikely to be pleased that you will see after landing. Illusory hope tranquil journey haze melt when you hear those not cheat again and avoided. You still have a lot of tests, and collect coins and other items to support you in the long haul. These bonuses - your reward for right action and they are perfectly fill the account. Additional tasks make the game attractive and varied. Unusual approach to the story and the manner of its execution attracted to the product a variety of players and interest of kids quest to share their parents. Yepi gameplay is really fascinating and it's one of the rare occasions when the fun of crazy all ages experienced gamers. Every decision and suddenly want to know what happens next. Beautiful and colorful graphics is distinctive in appearance and it is also a huge plus for toys. Staying in it, I want to see everything in detail and seen only leaves a pleasant impression. Smooth lines and color transitions, nothing more, and relevant landscapes correspond happening.