We offer fun and play popular games Vormiks online. Choose your favorite worm and weapons and defeat the opposing team.

Some time ago, when computers were large, and the Internet is slow, people were playing the big companies on the same computer. At the time, were popular games that you can play at a time. One of these games is legendary «Worms» or worms. If you want to ponostalgirovat or just have fun, the remake of the legendary Chervjakov at your service. You heard right. On our site you can really play vormiks online. Let's see what the sequel is different from the original, and that in general these games left. So, the game is a series of vormiks battles between teams of worms and their teams opponents. Each worm has a whole arsenal of weapons that can be used against opponents. And this part of the game allows you to play online vormiks with great interest. After all, rustic and good-natured -looking worms have such devices to kill each other, like bows, machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers, mines, grenades and so on. There are far more instances of the original engineering genius worms. Why are only mine Spiderman, harpoon missile boring, carpet bazooka and many other guns. Is the game and super weapons. Such as, for example, sheep, or an improved version of the Super Snake. This weapon fires a real sheep, which begins to move around the map. At the end of his short stay she detonates, causing damage to nearby worms. Yes, the game weapon deals damage to all worms indiscriminately, making the game even more interesting. In fact, a lot of fun to watch the progress of the opponent in the course of destroying their own worms napalm or accidentally detonate dynamite bundles. Vormiks Another feature is that the map, which are fighting worms, destroyed by the use of arms. Thanks to this game is more fun because there are reasons for building the most sophisticated tactical schemes. For example, an enemy worm can shoot a sniper rifle, and can undermine the grenade that will send a mission of several worms from the opponent's team. Do not forget that playing online vormiks even more interesting than the computer. First, the opponent can use the original strategy, and secondly - it is by their own forces can destroy itself. That's why in battles with other players not only fun to participate directly, but is simple enough: you need only run the game on our site!