Online Games Woobies about color, fluffy lumps that stuck in the well. Start playing and give Fluffy leave their place of imprisonment as soon as possible.

You already know how to play marbles when to shoot monochrome group of similar color. Now we offer you a free game Woobies, where such actions occur. Surprisingly, as the same process can be presented differently. It would seem that may surprise in a familiar toy? But add some changes, it will sparkle with new faces. Before you create a charming little - Fluffy with funny faces. Their facial expressions mobile and they express different emotions - sometimes smiling, sometimes sad or dissatisfied with something. All pussies different colors - purple, purple and brown. Meet at the next level blue, blue, orange and white. Before the moment of the shot should watch closely to shot fell just by the color, which has accumulated more than two mordashek that they immediately disappeared. But if you miss, Fluffy will sink to step down and if unsuccessful moves in a row is a lot, they will block all the free space, preventing further opportunity to manipulate the game. During the game Woobies online at some stage will periodically appear black pussies, which will shoot in any group and it still disappears. It helps a lot if there was a catastrophic situation with overlapping free space on any part of the field or some pussies block access to a large group of single color. For a coup when disappear muzzles enough just two, and the third will be the one that you shoot. But more than their cluster, the more game points you bring such destruction. Also, as you will help the visual sight, suggestive of the target. But rely on it completely not worth it. It so happens that it passes through the narrow space between the ball fringe and promises you a coup, but in practice it turns out that the distance between the columns are too narrow and released projectile touching a neighbor does not stop where you want it. Game Woobies, like its similar brethren, became one of the favorite pastimes among the masses. It can be found in personal computers, mobile phones and tablets. Together with her people spend their leisure time standing in long queues, traveling on a train or bus, waiting scheduled meeting, or simply refer to it from time to time to take a break from the problems. This kind of entertainment promotes excellent distraction from gloomy thoughts, when suddenly those visited, and the change of productive activities is comfortable for the brain. Should change the direction of thought for a short time, as new ideas come, appears a second wind and creativity. Woobies game for free is available on our game portal, which is very important - to have access to exciting products without having to pay for them. Every time you open this game, I want to smile and even stroke Fuzzies. Their coat is so natural sway with the slightest movement that seems alive, promising a pleasant sensation of touch. Even the eyes of these lumps are emotional, that involuntarily take a strong liking to his eyes. Sometimes they look at us naive, wide eyes, framed by long lashes. Sometimes funny rotated pupils, like mowing, and when lowered them down, it seems that they thought or felt sad little. But no, here they are again looking directly at us soulful eyes. Well, what are you waiting for? Rather open game and give Fluffy to escape from this terrible press that presses down on them.