Game Wolverine and the X-Men Online

Offer to play online games, Wolverine and the X-Men, where you expect superheroes with unusual abilities. The goal - to destroy the enemies and save humanity.

The world of comics is quite a complex phenomenon, as these stories in the form of a drawing is a fusion of literature and painting. In this case, exactly how to do this or that comic, only solves the publisher. For example, in Japanese comics most of the work does a manga artist - he paints, and comes up with the story and wrote the dialogues. In large corporations over the comic can work teams of artists, supported not only writers, but also by marketers. So there are quite a strange variations of familiar characters. Seeing the potential profit from the public favorite heroes, marketers continue to serve the idea of ​​the series. A team of creators have created a unique product that is for the people something like the second option. Of course, these comics are not only unexpected moves, but also motivated by economic options. As an example of one of the alternative scenarios can cause a series of American company Marvel, in which famous heroes act as a zombie. It has become fashionable to produce comic book characters on the movie screen. Thus, the world saw the Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America. While heroes can become totally dissimilar to the original. The same Captain America in a way almost no sign of a modern young people in our country. They got to know him much earlier - in the game on the console. For them, it is more like a comic book hero, rather than on the boy, whom he showed in the movie. In the game, like in the comics, Captain America fought against other super, in this case, the villains. In the film, he is struggling with a secret organization. Although it is about the essence of the game is that, but for the early 90's when the game was in our popular understanding of a story in English was not lawful development of skills, so all focused only on start and geymovera. Another attribute of the same 90 were chewing gum with stickers inside. Then, many children were introduced to the X-Men. Many have a collection that you can see not only the characters, but also learn their properties and superpowers. In this case, it's who and what they look like, no one even suspected. Later, when there were in the public domain cartoon channels and the Internet, X-Men have learned everything. And after rolling series polnomertazhek about these characters in the game Wolverine and the X-Men began to be of a most interesting entertainment for the fans of this komiksovoy world. Can you read them and you - right here on this page of our website.