Each character online games Witch operates one of the forces of nature. They Warden peace and order, and you have to play, developing and directing their abilities.

Many children and adults are wondering - there is magic on this planet? Are we deceiving magicians, featuring incredible tricks? Is it possible to learn to fly? The creators of the animated series "The Sorceress" invented his story. Somewhere in a parallel universe there is a planet Meridian, which held the reins Queen Ware. As a result of the change of power, control the planet Meridian was Prince Phobos, which turned her into a terrible, full of evil monsters abode. The main task of Phobos put enslavement planets similar to Meridian, which were exactly the same place as his planet, but only in a different reality. Fraternity Council - an organization that was going to protect other measurements of Phobos created a special protective barrier that had to prevent monsters planet Meridian in other dimensions. As it turned out later, this protection was not strong enough, and some evil beings penetrated through time and space to other dimensions, including the Earth. When Phobos just ascended the throne, the servants of the deposed Queen sent her daughter, Elion on Earth, in a small town Hiterfild. There Elion enrolled in school, started girlfriends who would later be the Warden of the planet Meridian. Together with their girlfriends Elion will have to confront the evil monsters and understand that she is the true heir to the throne in Meridian. The animated series has two seasons to 23 in each series and has an overabundance of characters. In addition, in a relatively short existence of this story were created exciting games Sorceress. The main heroine of this story - 6 girlfriends charodeek who repeatedly save our planet from a variety of troubles. • Elyon - the daughter of the Queen's Ware. It was her after the change of government on Meridian sent to Earth in order to protect from the evil Phobos. Elion is the legitimate heir to the throne and she is the heart of Merdiana. • Will - sorceress, which recognized the newly elected leader of all the Guardians. Very beautiful and good fairy with red hair and hazel eyes. Its main advantage over the rest - the possession of force Energy. • Irma Lair - Warden, who has the power of Water. It's fun, very confident in his own abilities, with brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. One of her hobbies - singing. • Taranee Cook - Warden, who has the power of Fire. She is the most modest of all, and probably the smartest. Most favorite pastime - pictures of everything and everyone. Her dark blue hair and brown eyes. • Cornelia Hale - Warden, the main feature of which is the possession of the power of the Earth. She is very self-centered and in turn very amorous. It is a long-haired blonde with blue eyes. She also is the best friend Elyon. As a narcissist like people - she loves shopping. • Chai Ling - Warden, has the power of Air. It is very dreamy, romantic and fun. So I want to say that it "is in the clouds." Hai Lin favorite pastime - painting. She has black hair tied in a ponytail and black small eyes. If you can not wait to try your hand and try to help the Sorceress protect our planet from evil forces, you can do it on our website Sorceress playing games online. You do not need to install anything and download! The site presents the Sorceress game online for free! Despite the fact that the toys are in section games for girls Sorceress, they will be interesting and male population of our planet. No matter who wants to defend our planet from the invasion of dark forces insidious Phobos! No need to waste a minute - calm Earth is in your hands!