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Warcraft universe is full of mighty orcs, noble heroes, mysterious elves. Play warcraft online is possible, defeating enemies, and developing their nation.

Strategy - a fun genre. They do not all fit, but the number of fans is almost more than the players in the shooter genre. After all, these games combine not only the ability to think strategically, but also check the player's possible exposure and economic planning. After all, even if the game has only two main resources to keep track of their deposits in the amount of time and resource base reserve base. In addition, the economy has undermined the enemy can be the key to victory. After all, the resource base, which managed to find the time, most likely, will be demolished from the face of the game card, which means that the player will have to either restore the supply, or look for another place with resources. Thus, the third raid on the resource base - and the enemy will not have money even to the fact that its rebuilding. And there are already close to victory. With limited troops home base sooner or later, collapse under the pressure of a growing army of the enemy. Policy options is not so much. For example, the classic real-time strategy can become so dynamic that require quick thinking almost more than the shooter. An example of such games can be considered classics - StarCraft and WarCraft. Turn-based strategy - the genre with the most blurred borders. After all, between the heroes of might and magic, and the X- lump is a huge difference in gameplay and in fact the game. The main feature of such a strategy is that the players go into battle at a time. This allows you to create an exciting tactical game. At the same time factor plays a huge role playing card size. If the heroes blunder occurs within a limited screen space, the X -com gives the player a much more wide open spaces for combat. Hence the breadth of techniques: the enemy must first find, and then the first to be destroyed. Separate genre are economic strategies. Here the player is offered to lead a portion of the economic structure. This may be a city or a factory, even a simple farm - it is also the board of such a strategy. The main task here - do not let the money go into negative balance, while developing its own structure. There are also mixed embodiments. For example, the last part of the command and Sea konkvayer presents us with a compound of genres of RPG and strategy, since the buildings are mobile player, but he needs to constantly improve science, to build new units. Resource at the same time is unlimited. Another option - to transfer the setting to a different genre. To understand what this is about, it is worth trying to play warcraft online.