Cheerful red alien Wonder with Sylvia horse ready for any adventure. Help them to overcome the evil Lord Sinister, playing games Wander Over Yonder online.

Games With greetings of planets - Space Odyssey. Good to know that not all aliens are evil, and among their brethren, there are those who travel across the galaxy is not a mission of conquest and rescuing those in trouble. But to distinguish pests from noble knights star, you need games Greetings for planets. The story is about fun and cute little man playing the role of the sheriff, that's just his much larger area of ​​the state. And apparently he was not green, as we are accustomed to thinking of all kosmitov and red and very fluffy - covered with hair. Friends call it here-and-there, or Wonder. He's restless, almost too friendly character, and all the acts he performs like playing. It seems he did not even aware of the danger, but simply amused and teasing opponent. It helps him to travel and heroic deeds girlfriend - blue horse Sylvia Walkins. Together, they are on the trail Sinister with his army one-eyed Cyclops soldiers, correcting his misdeeds. On account of the brave heroes of many useful things perfect, and even more to come. They are just happy if you join their missions and will pass the test with them. As in any adventure, participate in events and anti-heroes. If closer study their characters, one can understand the motives that underlie all actions. • Wonder earned the nickname here-and-there for his restlessness. He will not stand on the site of a couple of seconds - hops, ready to break and run to look for a new job. His kindness did not allow him to get mad at Sinister, which is capable only trouble. I wonder convinced that this is only a mask, and sees an enemy, almost a friend. • Sylvia - Wander best friend and his faithful horse. It is more balanced and calm, creating a balance in this tandem. Sometimes it is even angry that Wonder is so blind that he sees all guile Sinister. It is not just to save others, and together they managed to visit the set of planets with the rescue mission. • Lord Sinister - the same enemy that poses problems. He skeleton that hides its identity by scarlet-black mantle, wants to conquer the galaxy with the help of numerous army Scout - one-eyed warriors. It uses green lightning and force fields, but in the eyes of Wander is not making it worse. Seeing the desire here-and-Tama friends with him, Sinister is enraged. • Glyadelkins - a fierce military commander, Army Sinister. Instead, he heads a hefty eyes. He has a bad temper, and still can not hide friends in jail than Sinister reducible into a frenzy. • The Emperor's cool - Shark insidious. Although he and the villain who destroys worlds, directing Army soldiers with head-handed, but not without courage. After each successful apocalypse he rolls his grandiose parties, and then gets into a limousine ship and is heading for a new planet. It's time for adventure, and it is time to open the Greetings of planets games for free. Wonder began operations in the American science fiction cartoon, and now amuses us with his actions, restless character and surprises are always a great mood. It seems that it all at all, even if the people doomed to destruction of the planet's lost hope. Any situation will be analyzed in order to immediately find a solution. Wonder invites: • Brobilki with elements of the quest; • Puzzle toys; • Shooting. You'll meet soldiers Scout, soldier with a head-arm of the Sinister and other characters. Sometimes it is better to bypass the enemy side to ignore than to enter into trouble.