Voronin family crazy adventures continue. You can see this if you play games free Voronin.

Conflicts generations are known in the literature for a long time. Young men in the head that life before marriage lays the value of the status of the household head, begin his personal life in the family nest parents who consider themselves to be a priori more experienced than the son. Daughter and did a long time considered as people strangers. At a time when the young couple can not have her own accommodation, there is a lot of conflict situations, which leads to hostility generations. From ancient times, this topic is served in a key uzhivaniya generations who live and have a big family, which is considered a sign of good socially kind. But in this kind of stories often overlooked point that the new family consists of two halves, one of which is the basic nature of alien. So, the couple - is a radical new structure, rather than the continuation of one of the clans. The most acute for the young is a question not just of generations, and personal space. For them, it is very important to not touch them and gave themselves control of the territory. Due to the absence of their homes often have problems and concomitant personal dramas. About such topics as the basis for the series Voronin. Sitcom tells the story of the complicated lives of several related families that fate has brought in the same area. Confrontation is not only sister -in-law, but also siblings together - that's what games are Voroniny in their two apartments connected by a balcony. In this case, the mass audience as a complex personal problem is filed under comedy sauce. Of course, the situations in which heroes series, comic and funny. But in this case, if the character was anyone in the audience, it is unlikely it all seemed to be funny. Official site of the show invites us to not only see the content of the series, but also to play. However, there is available only one game. But we have a collection of these games a lot more. After Voronin games make comical. Of course, most of the games of its kind - it's a game using images. That is the usual game dressed in the skin with heroes of the series - and ready. Similarly, the game is done online series. In fact, it is a normal version of the game red square, previously positioned as a simulator for pilots. But this style is just very suitable to the heart of the series. After all, avoid the other characters in the film - as the essence of the game and of the film product. There are other versions of the game - on this page. While playing Voroniny you can absolutely free. Even the registration is not necessary.