Play games Treasures of Montezuma online and create lines of identical elements that would get magic crystals that will help find the treasure of Emperor Montezuma.

Recently, the Internet, a large number of puzzles that can captivate a long time almost every person. However, among the abundance of games are quite rare ones in which are really worth playing. They have good graphics, interesting storyline, fun gameplay and elaborated. If you are looking for a game that has all of these qualities, in Montezuma online play will be very interesting. Briefly tell the story, the main character must solve a lot of tricky puzzles to unravel the secrets of the ancient Aztecs. The fact that this ancient civilization had incredible knowledge that in the past from the time of her disappearance century were lost. You just had the honor to find them again. It is worth noting that playing online Treasures of Montezuma is interesting not only because of the fascinating story. We should also talk about the gameplay, which is the foundation of any puzzle. To pass each level, you have to connect the vertical and horizontal lines of a minimum of three identical tiles, randomly scattered on the playing field. Creating a chain, you get a crystal that will lead you to the treasures of the legendary leader of the Aztecs - Emperor Montezuma. With each new level of difficulty of the game increases, and the puzzles are confusing. To pass the new levels will have to create chains of five or more chips, which will not only get extra points, but also useful bonuses, without which often virtually impossible to pass some levels. But precisely because of this treasure of Montezuma to play online so interesting. Due to the fact that the first part of the game a huge success, soon came out and the second part. In treasures of Montezuma 2 online play is perhaps more interesting than the first part. Because now the game has not only new levels, but also coins, for which you can get some bonuses at the beginning of the level. In addition, between the levels there will be new steps of playing style will change a little. You will not have to combine pieces in a row, and look for the hidden objects on the screen. In case of a successful passage, you are one step closer to unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization. Thus, the game series Treasures of Montezuma will fascinate both children and growns. And all thanks to the great and interesting gameplay and colorful picture and pleasant sound design.