Online Games Toy Story

Games Toy Story - is a funny adventures and funny stories. Cowboy Woody offers free play to save his friends and win the competition.

One of the most popular cartoon is a Pixar "Toy Story", created with Disney. This wonderful cartoon that tells the story of the adventure of living toys - one of the favorite among children. Cartoon won many film awards such as the Emmys, Oscars, Golden Globes, Saturn, MTV Movie Awards. Incidentally, the "Toy Story" became the first animated film, which is made exclusively by means of computer graphics and plus to all this is the first full-length robot Pixar. The story unfolds in the house Davis family. Andy kid every year give a new toy, so the guy has already accumulated a good collection. The child does not know what his toys come to life and they even have a leader - cowboy Woody, concurrently favorite boy toy. On the nose - Birthday Andy, so - additions to the toy family. Give the boy a new trendy toy Lightyear Space Ranger Bayza that automatically takes place Woody. Cowboy is still so jealous and pulls all because of his pride in a huge mess. Main Characters: Andy - boy, master toys; Woody - the protagonist, cowboy, Andy's favorite doll; Bayza Lightyear - Toy newcomers, Space Ranger; Mr. Potato - a constructor that takes the form potatoes; Fusilli - cutest dog in the form of a spiral; Sid - boy, the main enemy of all the toys. Perhaps after watching this cartoon many dreamed to be living next to toys. Give us such an opportunity online games Toy Story for free. Now you can dive into the world of unprecedented adventure! Toy Story games are characterized by their dynamic development of the plot, interesting graphics solutions. Flash game series "Toy Story" also interesting in that they are divided into 2 types: • Scene; • Do not related to the storyline; While it's all clear - helps our heroes escape from enemy captivity, to reach their goals, then with games that do not relate to the story line a little different. Favorite characters for a time, can become athletes, detectives, bowlers, such as "Toy Story. Bowling. " There are games on the development of memory, where players are encouraged to find two identical pictures, which show the favorite cartoon characters. For lovers of puzzles also have games. 'Puzzle mania. Toy Story "is the best fit for people who like to rack their brains over the folding pictures. For the most attentive flash game gamers fit "Toy Story: Defining the differences." The game is given two pictures depicting characters "Toy Story", the same pictures, but it is only at first glance. If you look closely, you can find the differences. But this is not an easy task. Requires good concentration and developed visual memory to easily find the smallest details, which are different in the pictures. Apart is the game that is kind of a test of knowledge of the cartoon. Questions as it seems at first, it is very simple and the only person who has never seen the cartoon, do not answer them, but no such luck. This game at a time, so every second counts. Think too long - lose. Will be nervous that time is running out - will not be able to think productively and answer correctly. So check your head on the availability of the necessary knowledge, intelligence and in turn fight. All flash games "Toy Story" is very different and each is interesting in its own way, so that every fan of this wonderful cartoon need to try at least once to play and once again plunge into the world of fairy tales.