Games Tinker Bell allow girls fabulous time and feel like the heroine of fairyland. Start playing online, talking with a winged baby.

Discover the door to a fantastic world where beautiful fairies create real miracles. This will help you bright and interesting games Dinh Dinh. Diversity of mythical creatures who can do magic - it's not all that awaits players in an exciting gameplay. Games Fairies Dinh Dinh detail and describe in detail such an interesting world for girls magical creatures. It is also noteworthy that the games may have a wide variety of genres, because like girls with different types and with different preferences. For example, rpg games Dinh Dinh love our little adventurer! Fairies came to us from German folklore. In the German fairy tales were called fairies fairy creatures who lived in the forests and were able to create a special "forest" magic. Today, this term refers to the enormous variety of mythical creatures that have the ability to do magic things. Action Games Fairies Tinker allow players to try all the variety of the modern understanding of the term "fairy". It is noteworthy that not always the fairy people are helpers. Even in the German epic fairy often indulged in that arranged traps and teased people, residents of the nearby villages. Games for girls Dinh Dinh acquaint players with Tinkerbell (Dinh Dinh) - fairies-girlfriends of Peter Pan, which is also a party to the Winx Club. Dinh Dinh - this fairy tale of "Peter Pan", written by J. Barry. Heroine can safely assume most famous of all the fairies. Dinh author of tales described as a fairy, who love to tinker and repair copper veshchichki: pots, cups, teapots, etc. etc. It is because of this habit and became known as fairy Dinh Dinh. Also love small things helps small size fairies: its growth is only just thirteen centimeters. Birth Dinh Dinh Fairy Dinh Dinh was born from the first laugh baby on the island Netlandiya. Laughter was brought to the shores of the island from London Fluff dandelion. After a special dedication ceremony in fairy island, Dinh learns that her main talent - skilled worker is to be repaired and the surrounding objects that fell into disrepair. Friendly nature and cute little fairy appearance allows her to make friends very quickly. Best friends ding - this men-master Klenk and Bobble, Rosetta - garden fairy, Fauna, which is a fairy animals, fairy Serebryanka water and light fairy Iridessa. Dinh always dreamed of getting to the Continent, in the world of people with magical fairies to bring people spring. Here are just fairies-craftswomen prohibited from leaving the magical island. Futile attempts to learn magic in any of fairies fairies and not successful. Natural magic does not want to obey Dinh. Then Dinh decides to develop their own talent and use it to get into the world of men. Using the lost human things, creates a fairy dodgy mechanism that brings the coming of spring in the real world. Praising a credit fairy queen of the world of fairies allows Dinh fly with magical fairies to the Continent. Netlandiya Island - the birthplace of all the fairies living in our world. In addition to living on the island Dinh lot of variety of characters. Direct part in the history of Dinh accept: - Clarion - the queen of the fairies on the island; - Minister of Spring - the eponymous character who is responsible for the arrival of spring in the real world; - Vidya - fairy rapid flight, which prevents the arrival of spring and which Dinh wins order to obtain permission to visit the Continent.