Play Games Three heroes lovers of Russian fairy tales. You have to collect online puzzle with colorful characters and fight against evil fairytale characters.

Every nation, in virtue of their mentality, creates its own heroes who make their exploits in the name of good and free of charge, primarily care about ordinary people. If Marvel comics give birth supermen extraterrestrial victims or research laboratories that fly in their tight suits even in space, destroy fists building shields reflect meteor rain, turning into bats and spiders, the legend of the Russian people rely on simple village boys. And fertility domestic land is so great that the heroes do not need our sweat in gyms to pump the biceps and triceps - they can lie on the stove for decades, and remain strong guys who can bend horseshoes fingers, just for fun. But once they click on help if disaster struck, then persuade them to wave their fists do not need. They are always happy to warm up, ask someone bashing or swing your sword right and left. They did not even try to recognize good and bad, because their enemy too eloquently designated under the guise of all evil: Baba Yaga, the devil, Bag of Bones, fright, Dragon. It is necessary to unravel the supermen logic of conspiracy, fraud, resort to tricks. Do heroes are much simpler, clearer, unpretentious. Surely you know the legend of the three heroes: Dobrnya Nikitich, Ilya Muromets and Popovich Alyoshka. These brave fellows just become characters in the game Three heroes to tell you their new stories. Previously, filmed legend Soviet children offered imbued moralistic story where good triumphs over evil necessarily. It's right, that's just the stuff looked severely intrusive without raisins. Today, things are much better, because you can present the same with humor, but for this you can even move away from the original, to stun spectators and players novelty. After the release of the animated film, there are also games Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen. While the kids enjoy coloring, communicating with the main characters through the paint, fans quests can go into a real adventure. Regal beauty sights on Russian zemlitsu and now against the fragile, but treacherous girl rebelled three heroes. Moving to a new location, you will find a new job, the fulfillment of which will reveal to you the way forward. Get ready to play, "three in a row", search and combine objects, solve logical puzzles. You will enjoy meeting with Robin Hood in medieval England, an audience with the Emperor of China, a glimpse of heaven and hell. Acting together, the heroes will be a success, and your help will be the guide. 2012 was marked by the appearance of cartoon humor-filled, which then formed the basis of the game Three heroes on distant shores. Again heroes hands full, because now Baba Yaga conspired with the merchant Kolivan pick Prince power over his land and was able to send three heroes of the sea to the island inhabited by natives. While travelers are looking for a way home, the prince came to the aid of his wife heroes, numerous relatives and faithful horse Julius. Else you'll play the game Three heroes as Ilya Muromets, who are armed with sharp sword and ready to face the enemy. He boldly steps forward and whips everyone who seem out of hiding. Cowardly and perfidious enemy - he hides until then, until the hero does not approach closer, and only then pops up to deliver a fatal blow. Be ready to pass free game Three heroes with courage and valor.